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Leslie in MESA, Az

So I move into my new apartment this past August as soon as I walked into the apartment I notice a musky awkward smell in the air. I didn’t say anything about it but lately I’ve been feeling very fatigued I’ve been having memory lost my daughter complains of lower back pain and always rubbing her eyes I told the maintenance people in my apartment complex that I had mold in my apartment and they looked at me as if I was crazy I looked at them and smiled and said it’s okay if you want to think what you want to but I know there’s something in the house. Within maybe a few weeks of moving in the bathroom in the hallway how to water problem the upstairs bathroom was leaking through my my feeling maintenance came to fix it. The in the master bedrion humidity in the restroom is unexplainable it looks like there has been water damaged before have I moved into this apartment. But that’s not the only thing in my son’s bedroom I notice a chemical E but awkward musky smell coming from that room I called in maintenance to check check it out they once again let them use if I was crazy he said I had to let my AC breathe and circulate so that that smell would not be present a few days before that my AC unit was frozen and the bottom pan was over filled with water which dropped into the walls and through my son’s closet now the carpet is moist and there’s a black stain in the smell is irresistible they tell me that it’s not mold because he checked in with the machine that they didn’t even know how to use had a goal by the book and even then still have no damn clue on how to use it but they said that my mold first was low. They change my home AC unit but they didn’t change the wall nor the boards they didn’t do anything about my carpet soaked in the smell that left me to deal with it on my own. I know if there’s mold in my house because I have not been feeling the same and also that smell is just not right but then again I’m known as a crazy girl in that apartment because I’m constantly calling maintenance for help quick to collect rent at the first of the month but so damn slow to come and fix something or even come and try to comfort the tenant.


My question is what does mold smell like is it like a smell of a chemialy musky humidity smell?

Do I have to have Dr documentation conditions and how I’ve been feeling to be able to proceed with the lawsuit?

I just received a cornea transplant in my vision in that eye is not what used to be my vision is more blurry why is more energy and more watery my recovery of my transplant can it damage my eye?

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