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Lynn in Missouri

I moved into an apartment in May 2010. I have heard from numerous people that my apartment was condemned due to black mold. Since I have moved in I have had several severe asthma attacks and a few small controllable ones. My children haven’t really had any asthma attacks, but have had many different sicknesses. My youngest son who just turned 3 years old in June had slept completely through the night since he was a few weeks old. But he had been waking up with a chronic cough from September 2010, and the doctor I had spoken with believed that it was his asthma. So I tried to keep it under control. He had to use his inhaler 4 times that week. He had woken up every night since due to his cough, at least 4 times a night. Going to bed at 9 waking up at 11 130 4 up until 530 and then down until 8 was very hard on the little guy.

In late May ’11 early June ’11 he had seen four doctors, two urgent care physicians, his pediatrician, and an ENT specialist. All of them suggested more so demanded that he have a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy because they were so enlarged. Just to let you know this little boy had not had more than one case of strep at most that I know of EVER! Now my fiance and I can not sleep in our room because it is so dry and unbearable, our throats hurt, I have had two bloody noses, wake up with extreme migraines, stopped up nose, and horrible cough.


I would like to know if my sons surgery could have been caused because of the mold? Could my families illnesses be caused because of the mold?

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3 thoughts to “Lynn in Missouri”

  1. Dear Lynn, what you’ve described matches what many others have experienced living in a home with mold. Unfortunately, its only going to get worse. I highly recommend that you and your family do whatever it takes to get out and take as little with you as possible.

    Moving out is no easy task. All your “stuff” can be regained – your family’s health, though, is worth fighting for.

    I wish you all the best. Please let us know if we can be of any help answering questions.

  2. Lynn,
    Yes, you need to get out…do not take anything with you. No matter how hard it is, you need to start over. Contact your local churches and see if you can get some help with necessary items like blankets and clothing. Cross contamination can be a huge problem and you can remain ill since you are still being exposed through contaminated personal items. Please be aware that if there is fungal colonization in the lungs, steroid drugs can actually make the fungus WORSE. Normal medical testing of blood does not indicate fungal disease, and most docs have no idea what type of testing/treatment to do…this is a huge problem with our medical system. For some good info on illness associated with toxigenic molds, go to
    go to “archives”
    scroll down to “Natural Nurse” and listen to the radio interview with
    Dr. Andrew Campbell, a mold specialist. He also has a youtube video about mycotoxins for public viewing:

  3. Dear Lynn, We can offer you a solution that will eliminate and kill any and all mold spores both in the air and on surfaces. We offer portable units that you can place anywhere in your home. Check us out on FaceBook and see actual testimony where we saved a family’s personal belongings totaling over $20,000. Please contact us ASAP! Regards, Robert

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