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Maritza in Seattle

I move to this location because I saw it was affordable for me you see I was 21 when I got this apartment, im 22 now. The zindorf apartment I found all on my own I was so proud I got to see inside how the resident before me was living and she made it cozy and cute. Never did I ever think I’d have to go threw what I was going to go through. I moved in first two weeks my water heater exploded and flooded my whole floor at midnight for 3 hrs it was non stop trying to figure out the problem till the maintanence guy had to take out the wooden panel blocking the water heater he starts peeling layers off of the heater he said he found the problem it started dessintigraiting and they would have to change the whole thing it would take a while I’d have to use another apartment room for water. Not too long after this incident I hear water pouring from my ceiling bathroom I look and water is leaking through what looked like another panel as if they had done this and had problems like this before seconds later I realized that it was not water but pee, pee falling in for 4 weeks. I had a hole in my ceiling for 4 weeks that had water and pee falling I called the office guy numerous times he was never there I would have to put a maintanence order every morning but I felt bad for the guy because he lived in Tacoma so I had to wait for the office guy that showed me and was in charge of the place everymorning. He said ok well have the maintenence guy check it out saying that the whole time it was the guy upstairs flooding his bathroom and it would leak into mine. This whole 4 weeks was horrible between dodging pee from the ceiling every morning I would wake up from my sleep unable to breath I’d go straight for my inhaler, then later when I woke up on my own I’d have to run to the bathroom to vomit. Everyday it was a routine I weighed 140 pounds when I moved to zindorf as the Weeks went by so did my health I decided to pull out my scale and I weight 109. I was not working out I was not pregnant and I don’t have any eating disorders I felt like I was dying every day I stayed there. I decided that was enough and I had to get out of there there was mold in any dark corner you could find I took pictures I have a video of the water falling from the hole they left in my ceiling. I told Art everything and he blew it off and got into and argument with me saying I was going to have to pay I couldn’t just end a lease for no reason I’m 22 yes old living with my fiance now I can’t afford to pay him back I had to end that lease start a new one pay a deposit he didn’t have a job to help me with anything please help I can’t pay it they took enough from me already. I put all the photos and videos on yelp to help others not choose Zindorf in seattle was 98104.


He said he is sending the amount into collections I don’t have bad credit or good or any at all this will ruin it and my future of a new apt or home or anything in general I don’t have money for a lawsuit what can I do?

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