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Marlene in Kimball, MI

by Jonathan

I worked in a Christian preschool that was located in the basement of a church for nearly 10 years. The building was plagued with water issues and mold was ever present. Never realizing that the symptoms I experienced were actually toxic mold related, I continued to work until I was simply too ill to work, I quit.

I run through a gammit of symptoms from organ pain, multiple chemical sensitivity, fatigue, memory loss, over 60 lbs weight loss, lost 75% of my hair so far, skin lesions and horrible itching. Here I am, 5 years later, and just learned that my home has mold due to poor workmanship and I have been exposed for almost 14 years. I now seem to be alergic to everything I eat! I feel like there is no hope.


Does anyone out there have burning mouth/tongue and a feeling of dry, chapped, burning lips?

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nikki santoriello November 15, 2011 - 8:52 pm

I have been seeing doctors for a few years regarding severe hair loss, tremors, skin rashes and blisters on my hands, insomnia, depression. These all came about over a short perior of time with no answers from doctors. I just found mold in my closet…looked on line and omg! I think the mold may be the cause. Please!!! Anyone with info please write

Lori Tondini November 19, 2011 - 11:23 pm

Wow, Marlene…I got sick from a moldy school too. Yes, the burning is from the mycotoxins–they cause burning. Have you gotten any medical care for your illness, from a mold doctor?
Michael Harbut in Royal, MI treats mold victims, but I do not know how effective his treatment is; I do not know anyone personally who has gone to him for treatment. His number is 248-547-9100.
The main thing is to get out of the contaminated area-get to a place with NO MOLD. Leave or store your personal items/belongings so as not to cross contaminate a new place, until you find out how extensive the contamination is..The allergies are from the immune system being affected; I had severe allergies to just about everything when I was real sick..almost all of them were back to normal after 2 years of treatment and avoidance of moldy indoor areas. Your symptoms are classic symptoms of exposure to indoor toxigenic molds/mycotoxins. There IS hope, Marlene..Trust in God! If you would like to em me at [email protected] I can send you some more info.

James December 10, 2011 - 11:45 pm

I just left this message to another person on the blog with the hopes of helping others deal with the exact same thing I have been for quite some time.

I too have the MCS symptoms, as well as many food sensitivities. Life is no picnic.

Before I attach my message to the other person, I will say the absolute most important thing I have learned (after receiving professional treatment) is that you have to get into an environment where more mold is not freely pouring into your system. It is like drowning in the pool and refusing to get out of the water. No matter what antifungal you are given, if you remain in a moldy environment, you are putting more mold into your system than the drug can remove. Additionally, once one mold sets up camp, others follow, because the immune system is taxed.

Here was my advice to the other person suffering:

De – good advice from Lori. I have been dealing with mold illness for some time now. I can tell you that it only progresses until you completely rid you body of it. Eventually, it begins attacking both the thyroid and pituitary glands, increases sensitivities to foods and medicines and eventually affects just about every tissue in the body. Cleansing yourself is a complicated process, but the basic four steps are: 1) eradicate mold from your environment, or move to an environment with 0 – 2 colonies present, 2) change your diet (referenced by Lori) – look for Doug Kaufman’s books on fungi, his diet is spot on, 3) hit the mold with proper antifungals – use of fluconazole or sporonox internally, and for sinus spray, you can go stronger than sporonox – Voricanozole or Amphocertin B (use grossnan’s sinus wash prior to using sprays), and 4). rebuild nutrition and hormones damaged by fungal infection (e.g. pituitary, cortisol, thyroid, B12, D3). Part of the detoxifying calls for use of L-Glutithione as well. One source for nutritional repair is Intra-Max (http://www.amazon.com/intraMAX-Nutrition-protein-Vitamins-Minerals/dp/B000K6N25Y/ref=pd_bxgy_hpc_img_b).
There is also a relatively new resource that uses a non-toxic method of killing mildew and mold – it is C3. They sell candles, for instance, that when burned – reduce or eliminate mold spores in the air. Likewise, they sell a laundry additive that removes mildew from items washed. This provided me a great, temporary fix before our house could be remediated.

One of the best resources for dealing with serious mold problems is Dr. Don Dennis (ENT). His background was at Johns Hopkins. Incredibly skilled at dealing with very intense cases – providing every type of skill needed to eradicate the problem – including surgery if necessary. I highly recommend looking into treatment from someone like Dr. Dennis.

Marlene, the process is quite complicated – and expensive to do. Most stop and do not fully cleanse themselves from the infection. Greater health problems begin at that point. I very much wish this was not the case.

The key here is to get some professional help from a doctor who actually knows what this is and will treat it. Most will not. Most will put you on weeks of antibiotics, feeding the infection.

I hope and pray you get help to turn this around.

Chrissy Mann August 17, 2012 - 8:03 am

Dear Marlene,
Please visit our facebook group, MOLD 911.
In regards to this issue, we have many members that are sick in various levels from toxigenic mold exposure. The people in this building are at a serious risk and their health is at sake. Poisoning from mycotoxins that are released from mold spores is real. The reprecussions are potentially life changing and can alter one’s life indefinately. I believe that MOLD 911 can help steer you in the right direction to help you recover.

Stephen alexander January 22, 2016 - 8:28 am

If you feel as though you may have been exposed to Mycotoxins (caused by mold), you should be tested right away. The problem is that most Medical Doctors are not familiar with the effects of Mycotoxins and often will misdiagnose the symptoms. Unfortunately Mycotoxins are carcinogens and won’t go away.

I work for Bio Trek Labs and am confident that we are the top testing Lab in the nation. Our test are tested at PPT (parts per trillion), so we are going to find out what is going on inside of your body.

Feel free to contact us anytime at http://www.BioTrekLabs.com, and ask for Stephen!


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