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Mary in Woodridge, IL

Last summer I complained about mold to landlord, and was not satisfied with the maintenance person brushing me off, but I hadn’t any recourse or proof. So I thought.
After being out of my apartment for almost a month. No dehumidifier running in the bathroom several hours a day, and no air filters/cleaners (3) running several hours a day, I came home to large black spots on my bathroom ceiling. There were just a couple small spots end of March and I told person in managers office at that time.
I returned home last weekend to see that now the small spots on the ceiling are now larger and there are several more spots and also some marks on the walls in the same area.
Do I have any recourse at all.
Last summer when my son was visiting, we had to make a visit to the ER, and he was positive it was an allergic reaction to mold. He has had a mold allergy since a young boy, he’s now 23, and I believe he was right.
I have been coughing, had dry red irritated eyes, my other son who lives with me was hospitalized at the end of last summer for an infection on his arm that nobody was sure what it was or where it came from, after intravenous antibiotics, and a week in the hospital and a large dosage of medication after release from the hospital he seemed to be ok.
Although now he has been sick to his stomach has had nose bleeds, and I wonder if any of this can be because of this mold?
Any feedback would surely be appreciated.

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One thought to “Mary in Woodridge, IL”

  1. Dear Mary (in Woodridge, IL),

    First, I want to tell you how sorry I am that you and your son have suffered from the effects of mold and the lack of knowledge and genuine concern that some landlords and law officials have in regards to the dangers of mold.

    Mold may affect every person differently, but mold definitely affects every person. Even short-term exposure to household mold can cause extreme reactions within the immune system that can last for weeks, months, even years following the initial exposure, which is precisely what your son is experiencing.

    I have included a list of must-read articles below that will give you an idea of where you stand and what actions you can take. Above all, please put your health and the health of your loved ones first. If the mold issue cannot be resolved (removed and cleaned up permanently and immediately), then you must consider moving a.s.a.p. Your health depends on it. Don’t wait for a landlord or the court to do what’s right.

    If, after reading these articles, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. (Also, at the bottom of nearly every article is contact information for specialists. I noticed that one group is located in IL.)

    TheWife @

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