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by Jonathan

Im a 31 year old wife and mother of 3. I started experiencing mold poising symtoms when i started my new job on Oct, 2015. And im currently still working there. It started with me feeling extremely sleepy as soon as i leave work. Everytime i drive home afrer work i get this tiredness and i strongle to stay awake, its so bad that i have gotten into 2 vechile accidents from me dosing off. About 3 weeks after i started working i got a bad cough so bad that my voice totally changed, at first it got raspy and then i lost my voice for about 2 weeks i was scared i started thinking it was going to stay that way. Soon after that i got a bad ear infection the doctor gave antibiotics but a week later i wasn’t able to hear from my ear so i went hostpital and they told me that it was infected and to continue with my antibiotics so i brushed it off. I started noticing my cheeks getting pink like if i was hot. But it can be cold and raining and my cheecks still get pink. I also got this rash on my wrist that dosent go away since i started working. I get really bad allegries when i walk into work my nose gets runny and when i blow my nose blood comes out. Around december 2015 there was 1 situation in which i felt nauseous one day and i remember votiming everything i aet that day. While all this is going on i notice that i forget a lot of small things. For example i can walk into a room and forget what i was looking for this happens to me 3/4 times a day. I get these horrible pounding head ache around ny forhead that can last All day. I h my hair has been falling out so much that i dont like to brush my hair sometimes because im scared that im going to end up losing all my hair. Rencently my thighs have been cramping up really bad. It so painful i cry. I also get pain in my neck and kneee. The pain comes and goes. I wake up with pain in my lower back every morning my husband has to help me get up. I get diarrhea for Around 3 weeks a time. it comes and goes but my stomach continues. im only 31 years old my 9, 8 and 1 year old children still need me and i feel like this has been taking over my life that my husband has to do everything for me because im always tired sleepy and in pain. i can see the black mold on the walls at work. That place has so many leaks That they have not fixed. When i first saw it i told my supervisor in which she told the handyman/ maintanice man in charge of all the repairs in the facility. All he did was confront me and loudly tell me that it wasnt mold and that he already painted over it. I told him that he should of fix the problem not cover it. I got intimidated and scared because i need to work and help support my family. I dont want to lose my job but i feel like they need to be responsible for what its happening to me and other employees. My insurance finally gave me the approval to see a specialist hopefully tomorrow im able to get tested and prove that my employer is responsible for not taking proper actions against this mold infestation and my pain and suffering before i die.


Can i sue my employer and how can i sue my employer?

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