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Mike in East Troy, WI

by michael1twin

I live in a senior independent apartment complex. While away to Mayo Clinic, my furnace filter blew apart and filled the 2 bdrm. apartment with a mayonnaise thick crud. I tried to vacuum but had no success. The filter was a 16×25 and it was marked 99cents. This is not a typo! Everything had to be cleaned the picture frames, everything! I gave up and hired a pro. cleaning service. Between the clean up and furnace mess, I am out $2,087.00. They took 4 days to get it acceptable. We (41) apartments are NOT responsible for maint. The service people are state certified! Do I have rights? It’s not fair! The owner avoids everybody! What do we do? Some are in wheelchairs? It’s like living in a prison cell…! All mold kits from Home Depot came back POSITIVE. What a sick environment. Sad, really sad! Mgr. does Nothing! Goes on hunting trips constantly, when he should be servicing these furnaces. He changes filters (twice,,,2times a year). We all would love to have him live here and see what a sick mess it can be.

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