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Mykal in Vista, CA

I rented a guest house for 6 months before moving into the main house. The first month of living in the main house I became severely sick, as well as my dog, mad we couldn’t figure out why. Doctors kept saying there was nothing wrong and giving mess that only made things worse. Finally, I realized the water damaged floors that existed when I moved in, the walls in the bathroom that felt like a sponge, and the damp smell always in the air was maybe causing mold to grow and make me sick. So, I presented the problem to my landlord and asked to have it fixed. He neglected to do so, so I called the local health department who sent a letter requesting he make repairs. Well, he just ignored them as well, and instead he retaliated by removing me from my home. I was not home at the time and he removed everything and put it into storage and locked me out telling me I would be arrested for trespassing if I came back. I was extremely sick and had bad breathing, skin, brain function, body aches and pains going on from the mold. I couldn’t get any help from the county after that, they decided after 90 days that they didn’t deal with mold and I was to find my own help. By that time, I had been kicked out and was too sick to work, staying in a hotel. I’m still in the hotel today, 3 months later, sick as could be and hardly able to get out of bed but can’t sleep either. Everything is wrong with me. I lost my home, my health, and everything in my home. I was threatening to sue him and requested my things back and my deposit, and he went and sued me for storage fees of my property, and ended up winning! I don’t have enough money for a lawyer, so he continues to take advantage of me, although he did everything wrong. I’m just too sick and broke to deal with it, I don’t know how ill ever make it our of this alive! It’s turned my dream life 6 months ago into absolute living hell and feel like I’m dying at age 33. My life has been wasted by this horrible person and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to accept losing everything I’ve ever worked for and starting over, but I gotta get better first. I have barely any money, so it better happen soon, or I’ll just be dead soon. Mold is awful and will kill you! You can’t see it, and when you feel the effects, it’s way too late. It’s taken years from you by then. Take mold seriously! My life revolves around it now!


Does anyone know how I can get the government to actually do something? I don’t want the new renters getting sick like me, but the health department ignores me. I need to get medical help and legal help, but can’t without money. Any suggestions? I just don’t know what to do now, but I’ve lost everything and it’s hard to accept. I can get my belongings if I want from my landlord, but they are all contaminated, so id rather not. I’d appreciate any comments that might help!

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