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Paula in Bilston, UK

by Jonathan

I’m so glad I found this. I have fibromyalgia but the last few years I’ve been really ill with all the symptoms: headaches, runny nose, sore eyes, sickness, diarrhea. I had to call an ambulance because of severe chest pains. I’m under a respiratory consultant due to patches on my lungs and I’m panicking. Two weeks ago we decided renovate the downstairs toilet. This house was my partners. Somebody had papered over mould. Now that we removed paper the walls are black. My doctor is rubbish. I’m in the uk. My doctor is so bad, I’m always telling him I cant breathe and my sats are 100% but still need to use my asthma inhaler over and over.


Nothing as yet came across this black mould on a Facebook site googled and found you guys. Any advice how to get my doctor to check? I’ve had full blood counts done. Would it show in this? I’m waiting for another CT scan as my last one showed lots of shadows.

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Chrissy Mann January 18, 2015 - 7:18 pm

Paula, Get out of your house and leave all behind. You are living in a dangerous and deadly environment. Your life is in the balance and if you stay where you are, you will suffer a horrible death at the most and continued health problem, after problem, after problem, after problem. Your doctor(s) can do absolutely nothing for you as long as you continue to live in a contaminated home filled with toxins that are taking your life. Liken it to someone who is continually exposed to all manner of sickness and disease.


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