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Pauletta in Waterloo, Iowa

Mold from three different apartments at my senior housing in Waterloo Iowa

I discovered there was mold growing in the senior complex I have lived at for 5 years. After having the same reoccuring illnesses, my doctor said I could be subjected to mold in the air. I got a mold testing kit and it tested positive for mold. It was growing exponentially in the crawl space. The mold is microscopic and coming through the vents that supply cool and hot air.

I told the real estate people, and the steps they have taken is not the way to clear mold out of the air, so I was told to move.

The agencies in this area can do nothing to assist because they claim they have to see mold growing on the walls. Since it is microscopic they can’t see it, and they do not have the tools to check for mold.

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