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Phyllis in Glade Hill, Virginia

I live in an apartment. Ever since I moved in here I have been sick. I’ve had pneumonia 4 times, chronic coughing, and diahrea. The water in the kitchen, bathroom, and shower stinks so bad the smell makes you nauseous. I need help!


Do you think it could be mold in my apartment? If it is can I sue the landlord? Everytime i tell the manager about it she avoids my question.

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2 thoughts to “Phyllis in Glade Hill, Virginia”

  1. Hi Phyllis,
    Great question. One of our clients in Omaha, Nebraska sued the owner of her apt. complex after we did a mold inspection at her apartment. With the laboratory results from the inspection and the detailed mold report, our company performed, she went to her govenmental officials and they condemned her building. She then hired a lawyer and he has filed a suit against the owner. Please contact us for further information @ 417-334-9998. Our website is

  2. Phyllis, From what you have described, you could be experiencing mold poisoning from mycotoxins released from mold spores. If you google mycotoxins, you will find information detailing symtoms from mycotoxiosis.

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