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rick in Mountain Home,Idaho

I bought a house and did not have an inspection. The house was $65,000- I had the cash so I paid for it. I am 56 and have repaired all aspects of homes since 1975 including any electrical/plumbing/hvac or gas lines.. I am a hvac contractor as well for 30 years..
I looked at the house and it was totally livable and could fix anything if needed.
However- I decided to sell the house 5 weeks after I bought it/Had a buyer right away/they did a home inspection and found a crapload of mold in the attic above the bathroom/
I had no idea because I didnt go into attic…the prior homeowner signed the disclosure that he didnt know about any mold. well i was only there 5 weeks and it wasnt from anything i did…are there any old real estate laws that apply here other than buyer beware–i, screwed -may have to pay 5-10 k out of pocket….i believe this was some prexisting condition wheter the prior owner knew about it or not and im stuck with his problem….please advise…


do i have any recourse here…
I bought the house and 5 weeks later sold, home inspector found mold//this seems like a preexisting condition whether i had an inspection or not…

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