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Russell in TX

I have had the most incredible experience and people should know about it. I went to several mold doctors. Went through the Shoemaker protocol spent $3,000.00 plus and got extremely sick. I spent one month for $10,000 + with Dr. Lieberman in NC. I had horrible neurological problems, involuntary muscle movements in my face and in a lot of pain all the time, I was so fatigued, I never felt rested, no matter how much sleep I got. Lieberman ‘s office said he specializes in this, the only thing I saw was he specialized in taking my money and had no answers. I left feeling no hope. Out of money thinking this was the end and insanity and total disability were just around the corner. I found a center that I did not see online before through another website referral. The National Treatment Center for Environmental Disease. It looked very expensive. I called and found out they had a cash treatment program for $1,500.00 Everything sounded good over the phone, so I did have some hope. I was so broke I had no money to fly. I had no money for a hotel either, so I drove there and slept in the car. The next day I got up and went in, I was a mess. The place is really nice and the staff was nice and knowledgeable.

Well my last few dollars were now gone and all I had was hope I did not get rooked again out of what little I had left. Within the first 6 weeks things started to change, some for the good some bad but it was the first changes I had seen in 3 years. After 3 months I was feeling like a human being again and could even get out of the house. After 6 months I can tell you these people saved my life. I don’t know what else to share with you but what they are doing works. best of luck to all. Why are more doctors not smarter about this it’s horrible?

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