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Scott in Friendship, Maine

I am a signal dad who has not been able work do to an on going medical problem. I worked in law enforcement for 23 years paid thru grants then they dried up and had no retirement. My kids both have several different mental issues as bipolar ADHD and stress disorder. I myself was diagnosed with all of their issues so I guess apple does not fall far from the tree. I have given 1000 of hours to help people and would do buy-outs of repo homes. I started a store with just about everything now I have it in storage. I still help people as much as I can with what I have to give them now I am finding I need help and I am ashamed to even ask if I had a dollar for all the people I helped and gave stuff to I would be a rich man but not a happy man my heart has always been helping others it’s just over-whelming to me all my life have set on many boards of directors and run first time offender programs. Ok that rants over. My trailer is like 1996 3 bedroom home 14/70. The bathroom started to get mold and it shot through the kitchen and master bed room. I really want my family under the same roof. My kids became sick with the black mold. The mobile is now all unhooked and setting in the back yard the coat to move it is like a 1000.00. I just don’t have it, it just makes me so depressed over this matter I wish I could work love to be around people and the feeling of being secure in life. I get no help from anyone. Thanks in advance if you can give me some direction to go 🙂

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  1. Have you conside Rent to own homes are nice Cost a lil app fee $12.99 and you can get a nice big place rent is Dirt cheap and Say like 3 bed Is no more then 650 a month I mean no more I wish you al rha best I Live In a mold infested apt I’ve been really sick for going on two months I have no place to go or family I’m tapped out on cash too until the First I wish you the best of luck and I don’t know but there’s Alot of money to be made online Bitcoin trading posting ads different things no wish you and your children the very best I know hoot is dealing with Bipolar And Adhd I myself have both good luck to you God bless

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