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Shain in Clyde, Ohio

by Jonathan

My girlfriend, my 6 month old son, and myself live in an apartment where water leaked in the bedrooms for years from the two showers up stairs. 3.5 months after we moved in, we finally got a bedroom because we were sleeping in the living room. So we finally have a bed room and one night we come home and there’s a puddle of water on the floor.

I told the landlord we had mold. I’ve had a mold problem times before so I know what to look for. So he come over, looks under the carpet, and tries to tell me I don’t have any mold. Well, where he looked no I didn’t but he looked on the complete opposite side of the room. A sheet of dry wall got wet so he replaced that and paints over the existing mold like it wasn’t even there. Its been like this for two months, we are all getting sick from this and are in the process of moving, but what do I do about this guy treating us like this?


Where can I get legal help for my situation?

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