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Shandon in Oakland, ca

Around one year ago i notice that there were some kind of plant on the edge corner of my apartment remind every one. I call my 11th floor my penthouse. Butt nothen close to liveing in Beverly Hillls. Butt its not around the corner. But im in oakland ca west oakland to be exact. Nown were consider liveing in poverty. At fullest heavy crime location
But never the lest fungis Mold a blackmushroom with a beatiful fly layn aside it .nut when my fiance photo it so i can document it i acussed a freind. To play a awful foolish joke on me he went so far as seeing my fear. And im a asthma patient. Just release frOm the breathen chair at the healthcenter so he didnt wanna beleave i was callin him a lyeir an said somethings of this nature i Know i order eatable mushrooms on our favoirT pizza the days befor why. Hr swear at me an our freindship ended. That day i contact my manegment they came an lift the carpet an said they see no sigh. Nown a 2years later i got pregnat for the first time at 39 years old a beatiful 5pnds6once babygirl due to my breathen i was ammitted in prenatual deptm . For enduice labor which a.k.a early childbirth. So my lil girl born 061\2014 nown its 11\22\2014 an whats goin on a mushroom growin in the same spot 2days in a row we photo an took to manegment maitaince enter my place photo also an said maneger gonna call he didnt i bounce Down in the vpm office upset cause my house is not suitable for newborn an i have asthma attacks as wr speak no xmas cheers for my family thanks to Mold mushrooms embarresing smell.


Im sad about my baby first xmas mot at home but at motel.

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