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Steve in Anthem, AZ

Our families nightmare started four years ago as we moved into a rental property in anthem and I noticed the house had a musty smell. Of course the landlord/realtor said oh it’s probably from him he might’ve smoked a cigarette in there. Long story short, my health degraded so bad that I now live with every symptom like ms, dementia, Parkinson’s and my whole family has new health issues. All of our doctors could not correctly diagnosis us and luckily I figured it out. For the last 3 years I have been telling the builder to fix water leaks on the million dollar custom homes where I work and had a good feeling the repairs were not getting done correctly. No joke I left one job site and within a half an hour all my symptoms went away. I still suffer at work because the problems are still there and it’s being ignored. Landlord will not fix anything either so we moved. Just found more mold in new rental and now trying to get them to fix it properly without us getting any sicker. Life really sucks when you feel so helpless. I needed to share so people see the real dangers in a little water leak and wet drywall. Take care all!!!

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  1. Hi Steve,
    It really does sound as though you were living in a death trap and for whatever reason you are living in a new one. All your health issues point to mold toxicity and contamination. It would be best to leave this house (permanently) and either put all your belongings in storage (to be treated in the future) or discard them because their value is not worth the trouble. I believe that cross contamination has occurred from all the contamination on your personal items from the first home. This happens when mold spores attach to anything organic such as cloth, paper, wood, etc and then release mycotoxins to contaminate further wherever they go. Doctors who know about the nature of mold, it’s dangers and how it affects one’s body, will not treat the patient if the doctor knows that they are still living in it. The most important thing is to get your family into a safe environment. When the dog has fleas and leaves the environment, the fleas will show up eventually. Carrying the spores is the same thing.

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