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Tabitha in Kernersville, North Carolina

We bought a trailer, didn’t know to have it checked. In the first month I was told I had h1n1 flu, three months later I had the flu again. My kids were always sick and breaking out and my husband had bumps all over his face and chest.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t get out of bed, everyone was down and very sick. My son heard water running under the trailer so he took a look to find mold everywhere. We called our church to get help. We lost everything – couldn’t take anything because the mold was so bad it was in and on everything. We moved. Our church found us a place to live but we had to start all over.

We bought it in 1-1-11 and was very sick by 6-16-11. I got parvob19 that was very painful. I’m still fighting and taking meds and now on proair. My husband still breaks out and we both are on meds. The kids have gotten better, but somedays I can’t get out of bed I feel so bad. Mold is not something to play around with it will take your life, we are still fighting doing our best to get better. God is with us.. Just pray for us … I wish I know where to get help we lost so much. But we never lost our Faith in God.


Well we ever get better? Will the break outs stop? Will my breathing get better?

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4 thoughts to “Tabitha in Kernersville, North Carolina”

  1. Tabitha, thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear of the pain you and your family have gone through and I am glad to hear that you’re all beginning to improve.

    As for getting better, yes. Time is a wonderful healer. Take extra care to prevent water damage in your new home and avoid exposure to mold. Depending on the intensity of your exposure, your symptoms will continue to lessen over time and, hopefully, will eventually be gone for good.

  2. Tabitha,
    You are welcome to call us for help at:
    Your friends and family of experts at
    You can email us at: [email protected]
    or call us for help.
    We have 25 years of experience.
    You can also check out our video that Fox News did on us at:
    It is on the right hand side of the page on our home page.
    David Snell

  3. Dear Tabitha,
    Lori Tondini has written a wonderful book entitled ‘Are You Moldy?’ It contains a wealth of information which may be very helpful to you. Lori was contaminated by 13 different types of mold over a 9 year period due to mold in her work place. She was led by the Lord to write the book to help others such as yourselves in regaining health and vitality. It is an inspiring book which will benefit you greatly in many many ways. My prayers are with you and your family, Tabitha. Chrissy Mann

  4. Tabitha,
    I am glad your church has helped you to relocate, and I am most glad that you did not lose your faith in God through all of this! I am wondering if your docs know about mold..your kids are on meds, and wondering if any of you have taken anti-fungal meds…for an extended period of time? Please look on this site and review the info on the comment part; check out the radio show and youtube video by Dr. Campbell, they are very informative. I will keep you and your family in my prayers; I pray for mold victims daily!

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