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Vicki in Haslett, Michigan

by Jonathan

I have to share my story of not just BLACK MOLD, but also the GREEN AND YELLOWISH mold that we can’t see. I recently moved into an apartment and the first day I was moving in I had questions about the smell of mildew and the mold on the windows and wall, the answer I was given “just bleach it”!

Within a month I had my first trip to the ER. I awoke one morning to the right side of my face swollen to the point it was closing my eye, at the ER we were completed as to the cause and the Dr. thought a tooth infection maybe, but I had no to pain and no apparent tooth breakage.

I was diagnosed with facial cellulitis and hospitalized. I returned home again. The sickness started, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, unable to even sit up at times, I didn’t know what was happening and fear was beginning to set in.

Then 3 months after living there I went into convulsions and my daughter had to call 911, my blood tests revealed that I had severe blood poison and at that time diagnosed as “SEPTIS” otherwise known as “SEPTIC SHOCK SYNDROME” but still I didn’t put it together and underwent many, many, tests trying to figure out what was killing me.

After about 10 days I was again well enough to go home. I had holes all over my skin, arms, face, legs and feet and was starting to think that I was never going to get better. My heart rate and BP would fall to the point that I feared going to sleep and I didn’t have to strength to even go back to ER. Finally after fearing that death was near I did return to ER. While waiting in the waiting room my heart rate excel orated to the point that a Police Officer noticed that I was in distress and immediately got me back.

I am thankful that the ER Dr. that day was a take charge Dr. because she just sprang into action and was doing any and every test known. Again I was admitted into ICU and Isolation and seen by an INFECTIOUS DIASESE specialist who did biopsies of my skin in different areas, concluding that I had a severe bacterial infection throughout my entire body and that is when we started reviewing my environment and issues there. We finally concluded with home tests and inspections that I was slowly dying from TOXIC MOLD INFESTATION exacerbated when I got bit by a BOT FLY creating and open wound for the mold to get into and nearly kill me.

I now have an access port in my chest because I lost 23 lbs. my veins collapsed due to dehydration and malnutrition. As if this isn’t enough my daughter and her roommate live in the same complex but different building and have been there longer and have had the same illnesses and issues, they were both 21 very healthy ladies, but also completed by their illnesses.

My daughter’s roommate has been going to the DR. concerning her health issues and the swelling in her neck making swallowing difficult, she was able to tell her Dr. about the mold issues and give him the report we had done….she is now at 21 being faced with LYMPHNOID CANCER due to long term exposure of these toxic molds.

My daughter is also going through many tests also now that she was able to tell her Dr. of the findings after going to the Dr. many, many, times and being placed on multiple antibiotics for breathing issues, sinus infections, fatigue, muscle pain and weakness and kidney problems. Please be vigilant and if you have any suspicion that you have an issue with mold get the tests done it is better to know sooner than latter! I am attaching pictures of what my skin looked like from my experience with mold! They are a bit grafic so prepare. But these are just a few there are many more.

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