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Virginia in Hendersonville, N.C.

My home is in a condominium complex of 22 units, my unit is a ground floor unit which has had large amounts of moisture in the basement to the point of causing buckling of the oak flooring in the living room area. Large splotches of black mold have appeared on the walls and interior divider of basement, which is caused by a blocked drainage pipe from the gutter downspout.

This HOA is governed by a board of 5 individuals who choose to spend the HOA money on themselves (their own buildings and grounds) and have seriously neglected this condition in my basement which affects my home. Now I’ve learned that a “cleanup” which was completed last September was only a partial cleanup, which was the cheapest way out.

Now I learn there is black mold in the crawl space of which there has been knowledge by at least one or more board members for 3 years, I have hired a personal injury attorney to sue for remediation of all mold and damages to re-imburse for health issues including COPD, nosebleeds, and extreme fatigue. I will keep you advised.


Could this case be based on intentional and malicious neglect? There are other issues here at my condo association which have illustrated a complete disregard to any unit owner not within “the charmed circle” who suffer other abuse, including discrimination, favoritism, neglect of buildings and grounds, etc. is there any legal remedy for such actions as this?

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