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mold and landlord

How to Get Your Landlord to Address Mold

A Moldy Situation

Discovering mold in your apartment can be an upsetting and frustrating experience. Whether you have a small, localized problem or a full-blown mold infestation, the risks to your health are enough for you to know that the problem needs to be taken care of. But if you don’t own the property, where do you turn for assistance?

Oftentimes, landlords can be less-than-receptive to their tenants’ complaints about mold. Wiping down the surface with bleach, sending in a handyman, or even attempting to take care of the mold yourself can even worsen the problem, leaving you in a more dangerous situation than before.

While knowing your rights as a renter can help (and these vary state by state), sometimes the best thing to do is simply state the facts to your landlord.
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house by the lake

Renter Rights and Mold

A Concerning Issue

Mold and the health hazards associated with it have been a hot topic for discussion recently. There are news articles about homes, buildings, and even schools being shut down due to toxic mold infestation. With so much attention being brought to the matter, we field questions every day from concerned renters. In this article I am going to address four common topics that arise regularly.
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mold in a rental home

I Have Mold in my Rental!

A Common Problem

The most common issue we encounter here on MoldBlogger is the situation of mold within a rental unit. The question that comes in the most is usually: How do I get my landlord to remove the mold? This is tough because, from a landlord’s perspective, it is often not seen as a financially productive move on their part, should they remove the mold and ensure it doesn’t reappear. Meaning: it can be quite costly for them and in opposition to their immediate needs and goals. For many landlords, there simply isn’t monetary cushion available for them to cover the costs of a severe mold infestation. Personally, I have even seen lease contracts that essentially say, “This climate is moist and mold is something we just have to live with.” Let’s be clear about one thing. Mold is NOT something you or anyone else should ever have to live with.
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