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mold symptoms

The Symptoms of Mold

A Health Threat

Mold can be a pesky infestation in a residence. Moist areas are the ideal location for mold to grow and thrive, and if a mold problem begins to form, it can easily spread if left untreated. The issue with mold is that it can begin to affect the health of anyone who is exposed to it. The symptoms may vary from person to person, ranging from mild reactions to severe, and may vary in length, either flaring up during certain times of the year, certain weather, or even continuing throughout the year.

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Mild Symptoms

Mild symptoms may seem to resemble a common cold or allergy attack. Common symptoms of mold exposure include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny/stuffy nose
  • Itching eyes, nose, throat, and/or skin
  • Watery eyes
  • Headaches

Advanced Symptoms

The symptom level of mold exposure varies depending on the length of exposure time. When an individual has been exposed to mold for a longer period of time, the advanced symptoms may include the following:

  • Constant headaches
  • Nose bleeds
  • Coughing blood or black colored fragments
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty breathing/respiratory issues
  • Asthma, bronchitis, and/or other respiratory conditions
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes
  • Short term memory
  • Neurological disorders

Severe Symptoms

High levels of mold exposure can be extremely dangerous. The longer a person has been exposed to mold, the more severe symptoms can become. If an individual has a high exposure level, the late symptoms may include:

  • Blindness
  • Brain damage
  • Memory loss
  • Bleeding lungs
  • Cancer
  • Death

Seek Professional Treatment

If the symptoms of the advanced to late levels of mold exposure begin, it is necessary to see your doctor immediately for suitable treatment and to determine if mold is the culprit. It is important to address mold infestations upon finding the infected area in order to minimize the damages to the home and health. Seek the assistance of a medical professional to address the symptoms that any member of the household may be suffering from, and contact a professional mold remediation company in order to properly and thoroughly treat the area and eliminate the mold. It is important not to ignore a mold problem because it will only worsen and put the lives of all of the residents within the property at risk.

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5 thoughts to “The Symptoms of Mold”

  1. Yes, it’s true mold can be very dangerous for some. However, it may not affect others at all. for instance, my boyfriend and I have pretty bad allergies. I’m asthmatic and he has bad sinuses. We don’t play around with mold. And because of my back ground in the mold remediation industry, I know first hand how uncomfortable, at the very least, mold can be fore some people. if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, definitely test for mold. If you’re renting, In some states like Florida, the landlord is responsible for mold removal. In fact, if the tenant suspects mold they must alert the landlord otherwise the tenants may be held responsible for damages later on. If you recently had water damage check out these tips to prevent mold.

  2. I think that my house has mold in it, because I have been having a lot of these symptoms. I have been having headaches and nose bleeds the most, though. I am planning on having an inspection done and to have the mold removed if it can be found. How fast should the symptoms stop once the mold is removed?

  3. After coming back from a trip we found mold at home, it was mold in our kitchen, bathroom and roofs We were trying to find a company to help us to fix disappearing this nasty mold. At the beginning we tried to clean it with clorox but nothing changed. We found Laser-Restoration here in Miami and they came to our house and did an inspection and solved the problem en less than 10 days. The best thing is we didn’t pay a dime for their services. They deal with the insurance company and run all the documentation process in order to make then to cover the expenses. BEtter if you look for a professional help.

  4. I am really glad that you mention the health concerns of mold in a building. I think we don’t address the health concerns. We know that the mold is something that we need to remove, but we need to know why. I think the symptoms are enough to make me want to get rid of the mold if I found it.

  5. Great information. As you can see, several precautions should be taken when handling mold. I’ve discovered it is easy to aggregate mold and end up spreading the spores to another part of the house. We had a fairly low level of mold and hired Alliance Public Adjusters ( and they did a great job for insurance claiming and give the proper coverage from the insurance company for remodeling the house

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