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Tips for Killing and Removing Mold From Carpet in Your Home

Mold is extremely hazardous within the home, especially if your have had mold growing in your walls or even within your carpet for years. Knowing how to kill and remove mold* entirely from your carpet without a full replacement is a way for you to save money while also protecting your health. Because mold is dangerous and can be potentially fatal, it is imperative to rid the mold from your home as soon as it is spotted.

Assess the Situation

Begin the process of ridding the mold from your home by assessing your current situation and determining how much mold damage you have within carpet throughout different areas of the house itself. Determining how extensive your mold problem is will help to determine the best methods of cleaning and treating the mold completely.

Locate All Mold Sources

Finding the source of any mold spots you locate in your home is a way for you to begin ridding it from the carpet itself. Once you have located mold in excess, wipe it away or consider utilizing a natural cleaning product to rid the mold from beneath the carpet’s surface.

Stop Ventilation Where Mold is Present

It is also important to stop mold spores and mold itself from traveling throughout your home within your air ducts and ventilation system. Implementing visqueen over the ducts and vents you currently have near any mold is a way to prevent additional damage and spread of the mold.

Use the Right Products

Once you are ready to begin cleaning underneath any carpet you have within your home, you can do so by pulling the carpet back and giving yourself an additional 5 feet of space to work with before you begin to clean. Be sure to use natural cleaning products designed for mold and cleaning excess spores. Spraying and wiping the floor, carpet bottom itself as well as the walls can help to rid the mold spores, which will keep them from continuing to spread.

Use Steam Cleaners

Another way to help with cleaning and killing mold from your carpet entirely is to utilize steam cleaners. Whether you want to use a steam cleaner or your own or if you prefer to work together with a professional service or representative, steam cleaning is highly recommended once you have rid the mold from the carpet itself. Using a steam cleaner is ideal when you need to ensure that all of the mold spores in any room throughout your house have been eradicated. When you use steam throughout the cleaning process with germs, bacteria and even mold, it helps to breakdown the properties of the materials that can cause harm or damage.

Learning how to kill and remove mold from the carpet throughout your home can help to improve any respiratory symptoms or ailments you or those in your household may have been experiencing due to the mold itself. The more resources you put to use when cleaning the mold from your home, the easier it is to ensure you keep your house mold-free at all times.

* If you are dealing with an excessive mold issue, have asthma or a compromised immune system, or a toxic mold in  your home  you should avoid cleaning or removing it yourself and contact a professional mold remediation company.

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