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Why do it yourself Mold Remediation?

The killing and removal of mold by professionals is known as mold remediation. This can be timely and therefore a costly solution to your mold problem. For many homeowners, a small mold problem is just as easily taken care of by themselves. There are necessary items needed when attempting a do-it-yourself mold removal, including having the proper equipment and attire. Mold is a serious threat to human health, and even dead mold can cause allergy or asthma problems in those with good health.

By using the proper equipment, and wearing the proper attire, homeowners can make sure they kill and remove the mold in the safest, most effective way. We will be sharing more on Mold Remediation and these tips tomorrow! We’ll see you then.

-The Moldblogger Team

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One thought to “Why do it yourself Mold Remediation?”

  1. Is there any way to remove carpeting and the carpeting pad without causing the mold to release mold spores into the air? I am highly sensitive to the spores (i had mold poisoning two years ago and have still not recovered and get very sick when exposed to even small amounts of mold spores), and i need to remove the whole piece of moldy carpet/padding from a room but i need to do it in such a way that the spores are not released into the air when the carpet is disturbed during the process of removing it. I can’t afford to have it done professionally. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

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