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Dear MoldBlogger visitors. Over the years we’ve learned that you all have a story to share and we would like to give you a chance to share that story. Use the form below and submit your story. This is a new feature, so it will grow a lot over the next few weeks and months. Keep your story as long or as short as you’d like. If your story goes long, I suggest that you write it offline (in Microsoft Word, etc) and then paste it in the “Your Story” box. Once your story has been received, we will review it and send you email notice when it is approved. Once approved, it will go live on MoldBlogger and others will be able to read it and share their responses.

  • Example details: When did you discover mold? How did you find out it was mold? What did you do about it? What has happened since?
  • Do you have any questions related to your story? Share them here and readers will have opportunity to answer.


One thought to “Share Your Story”

  1. hi my name is tawnya i recently barely survived black mold toxicity and need to share my story somehow to help others. i started to get a pot gut and was ruining my chances with men;) so i did a five day enima and found a twig in my drain this twig was furry with spikes and balls with spikes and little white balls on the ends of those spikes i set it aside to show my doctor and birthed a potato sized blockage after nights of golf ball size expelling thought i was done no black oil started to come out of two spots on my chest and and my outer ankles weird untill little white balls started to come out of my chest and inner big toe i stayed in the bathroom all night again until the little balls slowed down i think im done now no i go by ambulance to the hospital explain my story and beg for antibiodics i got halidol and a mini vacation to the psyc hospital i am a master psyc student but wvr my arm balloons up with the white balls i didnt finish getting out weird my leg in the back is black and the back of my arms are black and my arm is still a balloon my beard fell off and i have unusual control over my own blood pressure my primary doctor gave me heperin for a reason maybe but im in crazyville there will be no dr for me but i threw a temper tantrum felt a little tiny pop and the huge bruises finally went away done now no homeless with a guardian ward of the state lost my school and my daughter still dying tho y must b neurolgical got a discogram stimulated my entire nervous system to isolate pain sources oops i have pain everywhere sinutitus a giant hole apears on my nose and ankle bones and if i stay up every night doing rigorous physical therapy to unwind my nerve damage i can see some progress look better now still sick tho the sinus infection was epic ears eyes nose throat skull forehead pollups receeding gums dying teeth black eyes finally fading im not absorbing nutrients no wonder so slow great maybe back 65% maybe 75% tops the rest is permanent 2488818611 i need a way to inform people that if that twig is removed the body will begin a recovery process that would need inept medical supervision hope to hear from u blessings

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