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Heather in Baltimore

I have had mold in the bathroom where I live at for over a year but the only reason I’m complaining about it and thinking it’s their fault maintenance came out and replaced some tiles when he replace the tiles the mold is still under there the tiles got pushed up again and now there’s […]

Stephen Webster in Blyth Ontario Canada

My house was hit by a wind storm July 7 2013. The roof was damaged and windows broken . The house was condemned in spring 2014. The heating system was damaged. The top ceiling and the basement is full of black mold. The house is a large home of 150 years old. The insurance company […]

Linda in Ponchatoula

My home is 18 years old here lately i have noticed a smell in master bath master closet which is in master bath my home is made of vinyl siding but when I raise window it reduces smell. Also I have a window unit in master bedroom i use window unit at night and notice […]

Katrina in Newport News

My mother died from respiratory failure in May 2018 after being exposed to mold at her workplace for 3 years. Can anyone help me with her case…Thank you

Robert in Hemet

I’ve found mold in my rental home and I have copd which is making my health worse.

Sheryl in Kittrell, NC

my whole house has mold because of an underground spring surfacing in my crawl space. bought house 9/02. I’ve been sick since 11/16. we just found the source of water. ins will not cover nor allow flood ins. Any ideas as where can get some help with finances? i have to throw EVERYTHING Away!!! Questions: […]

Barbara in San leandro

I live in a apartment, their pretty old apartment complex. I first notice some black mold around the window seals. I tried washing it off but it does not come off, My apartment unit sit right next to where the water heater is located I don’t know how many water heaters are in this room […]

Gloria in San Bernardino Ca

I moved into this apartment May 3, 2018 the minute I opened the door it smelled musty and like animal urine I called the manager on the spot we went round and round due to she lied about having the carpets cleaned 3-days later I had to leave work early cause I felt weird from […]

Emily in Eugene

My name is Emily and I have a aunt who lives in subdized housing, and the mold is so bad from a leak in the roof. Her son had asthma and died in the apartment due to the mold. Now she has been fighting with the company and trying to get the appartment fixed so […]

Michelle in Belding, MI

I just came across this site. It has been very informative! For the past year I had been having neuropathy like symptoms in my extremities, numbness in my face, brain fog, such an achy lower back and neck that it hurt to stand up straight, and random waves of dizziness (I am a 55 year […]

jessica in violet

Ive been dealing with toxic mold for some years now. I wasnt sure it was their but i smelled it. I had a newborn in 2009 and he started having rashes in his face.I brought him to his Drs.they where giving the run around saying that it was from people kissing on him and from […]

Pamela in Shrewsbury, MA

My son and I suffered with mold issues and Lyme for many years. When we were finally diagnosed with mycotoxicosis we were grateful for the treatment we received— it saved our lives! I volunteer now with the National Association of Moisture Management We are holding a conference in May. We now have the only […]

Stewart in Houston TX

My family and I have been renting a “luxury” apartment for 4 years now. A little over a year ago we noticed a fair amount of mold starting to show up on our vents. We have all had respiratory problems problems since moving into the property but thought nothing of it until recently when my […]

Kiston in Memphis Tennessee

Me and my family have been renting from bullies they won’t fixed anything my wife got deadly sick so we rushed her to Er they couldn’t tell what was wrong but said it seem like flu but wasn’t so I had my home tested for mold with I’ll show results below in pics but we […]

Tim in Cashmere, WA

We came across a home in which the construction and upkeep of the home are outstanding. On the south side of the home, under the porch overhang, the ceiling has signs of white mold growth in patchy areas. We went above and there’s zero sign of mold from the attic area. The house is only […]

David in Indianapolis Indiana

We recently purchased a home and mold was discovered at inspection.  It was suppose to have been remediated, at least that is what the realtor said. After moving in we finally got to looking at basement and found plastic all over grouped under flooring, and what looked like someone half way sprayed what looked like […]

Eclipse in Bellingham, Ma

I am in need of help! I have been sick due to mold for about six months, I had to quit my job, a job that I loved cause I couldn’t function anymore. I am so far the only one super effected, my wife has been feeling it a bit, but I have been breathing […]

Michael in Port Orford Oregon

Me and my wife rented a house July 1, 2016 and about 3 months ago after I twisted my leg at work boss told me to go to workers comp. In September I saw doctor they sent me for an ultra sound they found DVT’S in my leg in 3 spots after being on blood […]


Hello, this is as much a story as a cry for help. I live with my wife and her grandfather, her grandmother died not that long ago while on vacation. Anyway, for the last six months I have been super sick, I have almost all the symptoms of aggressive mold growth in the part of […]

D in Oswego, NY

I currently live in a house where there is mold above the shower in my upstairs bathroom. I have gave the landlord more than 2 months to repair it and since, I have decided to hold rent for failing to rectify the problem in a timely manner. We are currently going to small claims court […]

Chele in Cincinnati

We noticed black mold in our basement closet after a pipe head burst that we didn’t know and burst our landlord is terminating our lease because we didn’t give her enough notice of the mold issue we did not know at the mold issue because it was in a closet in the basement so now […]

Harvey in Wilmington Delaware

I’m 78 year old male with cronic COPD, in and out of the hospital, I have mold in my shower and was told to have it removed, it would cost between $4,000.00 to $10,000 to remove it, I’m on a fixed income, can I get some state assistances? Questions: I need help ASAP

Suzanne in Massachusetts

Please stop using cotton unless it’s organic because it is the dirtiest crop you can get. It will mold and infect with fungus fibers.

Sandra in Chicago

My mother slept in her room for 20 yrs with this mold. I still have picture of it in the closet behind the bed. Now she can’t talk or walk, she was snoring really loud now. I move her 3 yrs ago but she doesn’t walk or talk now. I think the mold played a […]

Mark in Houston

My mom had an 2″ of water in her home. The wood floors buckled. She has cleaned the home with bleach. There is a slightly pungent odor and I can’t determine if the scent is from the bleach or the mold. How do I test the scent for mold? Questions: How do I test scent […]

Rebecca in Hillsborough NC

I rent a building in Hillsborough NC from Daniel Boone LTD. I had a pipe burst 2 years ago, the cleanup was not done properly and the carpet not removed. I started seeing mold and started getting sick with headaches, nose bleeds, memory loss etc. I had my building tested by an environmental hygienist and […]

Kelly in Warren, RI

I called the police then building inspector after over a year of nothing but being poured on fibbed to and sickened, list CLOTHES, food and no pay but to have a door open to breath. This was 7-23-2017. 1st leak and the kitchen floor and toilet is sinking in 1-17-17. suds & sewer. For 24 […]

Sara in Neenah, WI

We bought a house and moved in only to have found several types of mold which we think started in the basement. We have a pantry in the basement and stored boxed food down there, is that food safe to eat? Also we had the house inspected and were told it was fine. Who would […]

Robin in Merlin Oregon

I used to work where they sold Rv’s, motor home’s, and trailer’s where they sold them. I’m not going to go into it all the way, but this is what happened. My job was cleaning these motor home’s, ext: but when I started saying thing’s like, each one has a different smell, I will not […]

Kendall in Palm Desert

Hello to all , its been a very challenging 4 years, On May 19 2014 after i could not stay inside my home i rented for 7 years, i just walk away from it all. My body was not going to last one more night in there. I say this because if you are living […]

Doris in Bethlehem, Pa

When I first moved in the house it smelled like mildew. I thought it was because the house was closed up by the time I disinfect the house it would be better. But the smell was getting worse when I walk in the house I would get a headache feel dizzy . Complained to property […]

Lee in Greenville, N.C.

Over one year ago i noticed i was having problems inhaling, and that when i started walking it was so labored to breathe i became distraught….i noticed that after a little while outside and a lot of coughing the difficulty breathing would decline…….i complained with the PHA (public housing authority administrating my veterans housing program) […]

Shari in Livingston Montana

My daughter is 9 months pregnant and her baby is that 10% tile she knows that she has mold in her house my 7 year old grandson has been off and on sick for the last 2 years today I went to visit him he’s not feeling well not sure what his temperature was but […]

Gerald in Austin tx.

Blindsided, Moved into new apt. sight unseen because of desperate housing situation. Never had this and no idea what was happening. I could not breathe and freaked out. I didn’t have a clue at first. Went to e.r. and felt fine. To move the story along. I saw mold on the vents. Immediately I went […]

Jody in Bow

Mold was found in the home my spouse and I own in July of 2015 with HERTSMI 2 testing, IAQ, and tape tests. The home smells horribly musty in a rotten way. My spouse stated he couldn’t smell anything and didn’t wish to follow recommendations to remediate shortly after testing was completed and estimates were […]

Coleen in Grass Valley, Ca

I rent a room , the walls have black mold and the musty smell is in the room, the carpet is old and it always feels damp, we have had a lot of rain lately and I just keep getting sick. Two weeks ago I got a cold, then I got Thrush in my mouth […]

Gina in Stanton, Ca

I have lived at my apartment for near 7 years. I have had a total of 9 leaks and whenever a leak or flood happened they never brought in blowers or dried nor treated anything at all. I have a slum lord landlord who uses bullying tactics to scare her tenants out of lawsuits because […]

Misty in Tigard, Oregon

I lived in apartments in Gresham Oregon ,when I started getting really bad migraines and having panic attacks, along with memory problems. My apt. sinks and washer would back up after heavy rains. I requested repairs they never got done. I ask to use their shop vac to clean up water and I was told he […]

Andrea in Jackson , GA

Moved in 12/1/12. 4/15/13 discovered leak & mold on ceiling & took pictures and sent to Owner.. Applied mixture of bleach & water, opened Windows for ventilation. Personal health issues declining. Carpet the throughout house continues to be damp. Purchased shampooer to absorb moisture , put damp rid in each room. Laundry floor warping, informed […]

Stephanie in Lompoc

Me and my family are new renters.we only been here for 11 months. so its been a few months that we found out we had mold.the only thing i did was cleaned the walls ,but the weird thing is mold never showed on our walls just on our clothes prettu much everything that was touching […]

Kelly in Kelso

We first noticed the black mold when we were moving furniture around in my daughters room. We sprayed a bleach solution on it and it cleaned up. That was around 2004. Then in 2012 we remolded the bathroom, that is when we saw all the black mold under the bathtub. We informed the landlord who […]

Steve in West Orange, New Jersey

A serious mold issue no one ever talks about is the mold exposure you all have daily from your shower head. My mother was suffering from many of the symptoms all of you have listed here. Her doctor asked me to remove her shower head and swab the back with a q-tip. I did. It […]

Linda in Lake Worth, Florida

I used to have a costume department at the school where I taught drama. We got lots of clothing donations. During the summer, the air was always shut off and after washing the carpets, the moisture left mold on some of the stetsons and leather goods. I was told to microwave the leather items and […]

Tamberlyn in Dalton, GA

About 6 months ago i started breaking out with bumps like pimples. they were so itchy. i went to the ER. they gave me a shot of steroids and sent me home with 2 scrips and anxity med. Did not help so 3 days later i went to a walk-in clinic. i thought it was […]

Robin in Sacramento, CA

For the past 16mo I have been living in a transitional housing situation! It is a 60 unit Apt complex that is full of mold and Roach’s! For approx 5-6 mo I have been experiencing panic attacks as well as just some really fearful thought’s! Can someone tell me if the breathing in of this […]

Brooke in Santa Maria Ca.

I have lived in my apartment for almost 5years in my first year I noticed mold in my sons closet. Maintenance was notified ,they cleaned and then painted over it.My sons room is the darkest in the house and has had a strong odor of mold. Last year while rearranging his room we noticed the […]

Mary in West Valley City UT

My 3 Teenage Children and I, My 1 yr old Granddaughter are currently residing in a Mold infested Apt. Sever Water, Moistures, Humidity Damage’s caused by the landlord and Owner’s fail to fix the broken water pipes inside all my Apt’s Wall’s and the Broken Window located in my kid’s Bedroom, Broken Sprinkling System causing […]

Gerald in Austin

The first night I spent in my new apartment I woke up in the middle of the night with the chest pain in throat closed burning and hurting. I was panicky. I wanted to call nine-one-one but I didn’t want to pay for the ambulance. I got up and gargled with hot salt water and […]

Amanda in Homeless at present time.

About twenty years ago, when my brother Korey was three years old, he helped my mom start the Stuffed Friends program. It was implemented in over seventy five police, fire, and ambulance departments in New Jersey and New York. Their idea was to have an instant friend available for any child in the middle of […]

Anna in Porterville Ca

I’ve told my landlord and the agendcy that collects the rent that my bedroom and bathroom have mold. They have done nothing about it. Under my bed you can smell the mold I have carpet. I’ve lived there for 15 years and still have the same carpet. I’ve told them and they have done nothing […]

Kenneth in Brooklyn

My step daughter moved the bed of her daughter and saw a large mold-looking tree, growing though the floor – from the basement. We are going to reach out to a toxic mold lawyer. Also calling 311. the apartment is a section-8 apartment. Please advise!

Bronx Woman Sick of Living with Mold in Her Apartment

A Bronx woman says she was forced to live in the city’s shelter system because her government-subsidized apartment was making her sick, and the city refused to do anything about it. Bronx reporter Erin Clarke filed the following report. After living in a homeless shelter for three years, Rhonda Thurston got a subsidized apartment on […]

Amanda in Roff

I have not been able to see my doctor for a month. So I’ve missed 4 IV treatments. My scalp got a hard lump under where my scalp was very damaged before I was being treated. It ripped open today and Alot of my hair came out and these disgusting things. Questions: Does anyone know […]

Frederick in Erie, PA

  I am a disabled man with limited means. I have black Mold in the central Bathroom, and the Back Bedroom with a little in the dining room. The damage is extensive, and I neither have the strength to do it myself. or the resources to pay contractors to repair this, and to give back […]

Amanda in Roff, OK

My nightmare about mold begins on January 11th 2016. I had a total right hip replacement. Instead of getting a better quality of life like I expected I became very ill sometimes not able to even get out of bed. I had a sore come up on my head that was as big as a […]

Victims in College Park

My family and I live in some apartments in College Park, GA. Upon moving in to our unit we were told they would repair and few things wrong, and the light mold on all the window seals. Here we are a 1 year 4 months and have health illness, eyes red, vomiting, and much more […]

Felicia in Independence, Missouri

Hello my name is Felicia. I am writing you because I believe that where my mother Brenda and my two lovely children and I reside as rental residents is making us ill deathly I’ll due to mold and I am I knowledgeable when it comes to such. We have resided in this house a year […]

Jalisa in Connecticut

So I have lived in my apartment for almost two years. For the past seven months I have experienced constant mucus and a cough. Everyday I cough up a brown dark yellowish mucus. I thought it was allergies but allergies don’t last all year. Then my eye started turning red out of no where and […]

Pauline in Taylor, Michigan

Hi my name is Pauline and I am a renter. I moved in 10 months ago I went away for a week open my door in this ungodly smell about knocked me out that’s when I called my landlord and found out there had been mold in this apartment he never disclosed it he then […]

Rosalyn in Wentzville

I moved in 2004 and within the first 3 years had water damage because of maintenance hooking up my washer incorrectly. Then there was mold in the furnace room from the furnace leaking which resulted in maintenance tearing part of the wall (baseboard) and supposedly fixing it. Then there was mold in my upstairs laundry […]

Trena in Chicago

I discovered mold last year in 2015 in my basement the land lord washed it down just to pass inspection when it rain the basement floods water stands. The land lord said he would fix it and it went on the gutters roof shingles were in repair i moved in in dec 2014 was told […]

Michelle in Auburn, WA

For several months my tongue has been swollen up enough that there are teeth indentations in the sides of it because it is really crowded between my teeth. Some times it is so big that I bite it in my sleep, and get painful soars. (The actual swelling doesn’t hurt— only the first time in […]

Mark in Temple Hill’s

Can I sue these ppl for the damage to my floor and the suffering I’m going through? They are begging me for fees and not paying them cause its constantly raining in my living room and dining room.

Cornelia in Augusta Ga

I have been living in a mold apartment for two months. Landlord wants to fix nothing. The ceiling has been leaking and the roof fell on my back tonight. I just left er and she filed an eviction for unpaid rent. I didn’t pay rent due to my illness and she refused to fix anything. […]

T in Concord NC

Hello We purchased this home almost 2 years ago. It was a HUD Foreclosure…this home has been falling apart since a few months after moving in. We have Rain pouring through the walls as we speak and went to discover where the rain is coming from only to find MOLD coming out of the electric […]

Sara in Cottonwood, Arizona

A Brief Background I am fifteen. My family and I lived in the rainy state of Washington, in a house we were renting. Unknown to us, the house has toxic black mold in multiple places growing in the attic and walls. We had been there two years, just fine, and then… The Trigger On July […]

Concepcion in Chicago

I work at mold pro for many years and i have a none stopping cold that will never go away and its getting worst do i have a claim? or do i live like this for life with a non stopping cold runny nose.

Kelley in NH Hi good morning, I am hoping that someone will be able to help us. I am turning to you desperately seeking someone to finally help us resolve this horrible situation we are experiencing at our current residence. Her is my story: We have been living here at 1 Fairway Drive, Derry, NH for approximately […]

Yvonne in Columbia SC

I wan t to preempt this with a statement, the year this happened, 2015, Columbia had a “1000 year flood”. I am not sure if the house on Margrave became infested with the mold after this or before this. This I do know, it is being sold without remediation or property disclosure that there was […]

Valerie in Houston, Texas

I didn’t know what was wrong with me for the longest time. I would randomly feel dizzy, nauseous, anxious to say the least. One day the symptoms were unbearable. I was so dizzy that I thought I would become unconscious. I was vomiting. My brain was foggy. I was experiencing extreme anxiety attacks and I […]

Jessica in Port Townsend

I have lived with black mold in the wall an leaking out of ceiling, this whole mobile is really bad, our landlords won’t fix the problems, and there’s no rentals available were I live that I can afford to rent,s o what do I do? Winter is soon too, I’m really scared the ceiling is […]

Melissa in San Antonio

When moving into our apartments we noticed there was a small leak in the kitchen sink and asked for it to be fixed our move in date was moved back in order for this to get addressed by the second move in date it was still not fixed long story short we moved in March […]

Anna in Meriden

Hi my name is anna I am a c.n.a I work in senior apartment building 6 years ago I got sick with sarcoids and I found out that one of the building that I work in it was tested for mold and the property manager was told their was mold she did nothing and when […]

Dawna in Charlotte NC

I have been sick for almost 4 years with what I thought was sarcoidosis. Started with unexplained 35 pound weight loss and then skin lesions starting popping out-inside nostrils and below the back of neck at first but is now colonizing my entire body. I had no insurance the first 2 years and the doctors […]

Joann in San diego

17027 Bernardo center dr san diego ca 92128 his letter is in regards to inhumane living conditions as a result improper running water. The condo has been without sustainable water since December 9th 2015 and no prompt resolution has been provided. It is inhumane to force someone to live under such conditions and against California […]

Gayle in North Miami Beach

I have a friend who has been delinquent in his cleanleeness. I am embarrassed by it and would like to know what can be done for him? I don’t like any form of dirt, and I am always cleaning up my own mess. How do I get him to better himself from being a pig? […]

Shana in Okc, OK

I am so lost dont which way to go. I have my 2 sons and elderly mother who depends on me  Lost job a year ago due to health issues. Been living at the same address for 5 yrs. My roof leaked up til 6 to 8 months ago and they only changed shingles, my […]

LaDaydra in Milwaukee,Wisconsin

I stay on 40th and center in a lower unit I moved in 11/30/15 I took pictures of the house condition and reached out to the landlord about serval situations , I even went as far as to speak to someone above her and she still won’t respond, or fix things, or when she does […]

kelly in canada

I was hired to clean mold from a flooded home basement.. I injested black mold soon later having a sore throat..i clean 1 room then went home..i have pics. What can i do?

rick in Mountain Home,Idaho

I bought a house and did not have an inspection. The house was $65,000- I had the cash so I paid for it. I am 56 and have repaired all aspects of homes since 1975 including any electrical/plumbing/hvac or gas lines.. I am a hvac contractor as well for 30 years.. I looked at the […]

helen in lowartown wails

We have mold in the last property itI all start,s there I began to brackout in red spots that looks like it could have been a nat had bit me 7rull times it went on so I went to the doctor one sed its Questions:

Tonnia Lynn in Blountsville, Alabama

I live in a government apt. I have been here about 3 years. At least 4-5 times over the course of my living here there has been major water leaks. The water where it drains from the washer into the wall & outside backs up into the house. It floods my kitchen & goes through […]

Monica in Houston Texas

My husband and I signed a 5 year lease beginning on Nov 1st 2011 on a home in Houston Texas. We have 5 children. The home we leased was one of 4 homes that the landlord purchased as investment properties. The landlord purchased the home we were living in a few months before . We […]

deb in Waxahachie, Texas 75165

i have watched my sweet husband who was a very healthy fellow lose his breathing as I’ve watched since 2011. He had cleaned out black mold for 3 weeks in old offices in concrete plant in Midlothian, Texas for an independent contractor. His white jeep sitting in the parking lot was solid black at end […]

Chris in St Petersburg

I live in a apartment and I have noticed a pungent odor in here. Every so often mostly very humid weather the smell is similar to the smell of a skunk almost only way of describing it. the only way to improve it is keeping it super clean and shampoo living room carpet is a […]

md in los angeles

Im a 31 year old wife and mother of 3. I started experiencing mold poising symtoms when i started my new job on Oct, 2015. And im currently still working there. It started with me feeling extremely sleepy as soon as i leave work. Everytime i drive home afrer work i get this tiredness and […]

Monica in SHELBY

Me in my seven kids has been liveing in this house for almost 8 months with termites mold mildew in sewer smell in the basement cant run the heat nor air because it comes threw the vents my kids stay sick in have to go to the hospital because of it Questions: Right after we […]

nancy in barre, vt

i am in the process of getting evicted for non payment of rent and have received a summons for court. I have lived here for 4 years. It is a very old building. As time went on i discovered some minor repairs that needed to be done and alerted the property manager about them. Over […]


In late February, I have fallen off the ceiling from water leakage, flooded neighbor from the top. As a result of a leak on the inner surface of the ceiling and walls, I saw a lot of yellow mildew, white and black. Possible water leak lasted for several months. As a result, the ceiling was […]

DeAnna in Visalia

I just moved out of a house two months ago my kids and I had lived in for four years. When we moved one of the couches we saw black mold on the wall. I had been always ill in that house at one point I felt that I was dying. I had many different […]

Narree in Los Angeles, CA

My symtoms started when i started working at my job 7months ago but even though i knew what mold can do to someone I didnt think it was mold that was making me sick. Untill I discovered mold at work facility about 2momths ago. As soon as I saw it I notified my supervisor about […]

Mary in Woodridge, IL

Last summer I complained about mold to landlord, and was not satisfied with the maintenance person brushing me off, but I hadn’t any recourse or proof. So I thought. After being out of my apartment for almost a month. No dehumidifier running in the bathroom several hours a day, and no air filters/cleaners (3) running […]

Rachel in Houston

I am looking for an attorney to hire due to my uninhabitable apartment due to mold that refuse to fix. My dog and I have been very sick because of it. In fact I just got out of hospital due to symptoms so bad that I couldn’t stop vomiting. There are my others sick as […]

Debra in Rice

I have been renting a house for seven years. Paying 200.00 extra a month for down payment. Over the years my mom and I have been getting sicker and sicker. My mom skin tone was yellowish, she was collapsing, always sick. She will be 85 in August. I don’t have any strength to go nor […]

Jill in Pascagoula, Mississippi

I’ve always had allergies and battled various health problems all my life. Long story short I live in south MS and my home was flooded by Katrina and we basically lost everything from about 4 feet and Questions: What are these spots? Is it mold? If it is how would you proceed from here? This […]

alethea in redding

My family moved in to our mobile home in june 6, 2015.everything went fine until we had the first hard rain .when my husband notified the owner,he flat refused to fix or even give any family are first time buyers we trusted the owner because they how are Christians,we knew them.we went to the […]

Curtis in Oakland park, FL

2 years ago we had a new AC put in and they installed it wrong. After 2 years of fighting it the AC’s insurance settled. So about 2 weeks ago we started the mold remediation and as they were working their way thru the house removing the affected areas they removed dry wall from the […]

Barbara in Feeding Hills, MA 01030

I am 83 yrs. old, handicapped (Jazzy mobility chair) and live in an apartment which is in a HUD subsidized complex of 200 apartments for Seniors, handicapped and low income individuals. I fit into all three categories. I fit into all three categories. I first became aware of a problem after returning from a 10 […]

Desparate in Phoenix,Arizona

I lived in the very wet state of Alabama with my husbsnd for about 6 years before moving back to my home state of Arizona in 2010. While in Alabama i did notice what appeared to be black mold growing in my husbands closet. I found myself curious about it and glancing at it a […]

Jamie in Hartford Ct

I believe that I have mold spores from my last apartment! I suspected that it might have been mold spores, my landlords did a little cleaning but I think the problem might have been going on for longer and the spores have migrated slowly over time. I decided to move of course, but now I […]
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  1. Hi, I am a homeowner with two boys and my husband and i have been struggle with mortgage payments for years now. He’s working two job and i am working as well but still we are having financial difficulties. On top of all those problems that we are facing with life, now i have mold situation. Our AC is leading cause mold in the house and we don’t have money to get the AC fix nor the mold. For the past week I’ve been with a nonstop cought and my boys as well. I am very scare and concern myself and boys after i read a review about mold. Is there any way that you can help us with this situation. Please!

  2. Hi I have lived dwith a mold problem for the last four and a half years.It has rotted away my shower walls,is now on the ceiling,and is now on the outside of the tub and shower,on the wall.It has gone from a brown to now a coal black fuzzy mold.The landlord is fed up and is now denying it is mold,he says it is shampoo and conditioner build up.Even though it has been caulked twice and scraped once.He would rather be in denial,than pay to have it fixed.

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