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Hello, this is as much a story as a cry for help. I live with my wife and her grandfather, her grandmother died not that long ago while on vacation. Anyway, for the last six months I have been super sick, I have almost all the symptoms of aggressive mold growth in the part of the house me and my wife stay in.
I had a job that I loved that I had to quit due to the severity of things. I have been to the doctor so many times, even went to the ER, everyone thinks its all in my head. When me and my wife first moved in we were having problems, we were not married at the time and we trying to figure ourselves out. Also because we were in a new area we were not used to the trash day anymore, so we kept forgetting to put our trash out, and it built, and I think that did not help anything. at the time I was working and trying to keep things clean around the trash until one of us could remember to take it out.
But I have told my wife so many times that the mold is making me sick, she says she believes me that its mold, but not all of it, now I am fine when I’m not upstairs where we live,I still feel it in my system, but after a few days I can function a bit better. Its like she doesn’t know or want to know this is dangerous. When she comes home from work today she is going to seal off the worst room, where we think it started, I told her it can spread, cause she wasnt understanding why after moving into the room next to the contaminated one I felt better for a bit, but it started to come back. Despite all the articles I read and that I showed her, she still doesnt seem to get how dangerous it is and I am scared for my life. She made me promise to spend some time upstairs today, but I am terrified to do so, and if I start saying that it;s making me too sick again well have another argument, this has caused so many arguments, mostly cause I can;t work, she has to be the super reliable one, she goes to work, comes home and cooks then works on her own stuff to make us more money someday, she makes video games, but hasnt finished yet. I make jewelry but its not selling and I dont have the strength to make any right now.
Please, I dont know what to do, I know its mold I have these symptoms
Fatigue ?Weakness ?Aches ?Unusual Pain ?Headache ?Light Sensitivity ?Cough ?Shortness of Breath ?Memory Issues ?Focus/Concentration Issues ?Word Recollection Issues ?Decreased Learning of New Knowledge ?Confusion ?Disorientation ?Mood Swings ?Appetite Swings ?Sweats (especially night sweats) ?Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems ?Excessive Thirst ?Static Shocks ?Numbness ?Tingling ?Vertigo ?Metallic Taste ?Tremors, I found these in an article I read. We dont have money to move, we are strugling massively as ar as that, and I feel like thats one of the reasons my wife doesnt want to believe me, its another stress on her to find a cheap place to get us out of here, and I dont blame her, but there has to be something that can be done, please help me? She thinks the upstairs is fine, cause we have an air purifier and she sealed off the room, but I read that not all purifiers help, and we could only afford the cheapest small one for the room we are currently,or that she is currently sleeping in. I think she has been infected, but not as bad, she is not home more often, I have been home everyday all day for months breathing in our air, thinking I had a massive blood sugar issue, we have tried everything, I have taken vitamins, tried to eat differently, she still isn’t getting it, I would just love someone who knows what they are talking about to come and show her that its all real. I read that this happens a lot, where everyone think the effected is crazy, that is how I am starting to feel. I just need some help, I have nowhere else to turn, no one else to go to.


Please!!! In need of serious help!!! I see that I can post pics of my mold here, but do not have any as I am too afraid to go upstairs and if my wife knew what I was doing he would probably be pissed, she would feel like I was going behind her back, and I know I m but what do you do when your spouse thinks she knows better than a doctor or mold expert.

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