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D in Oswego, NY

by Jonathan

I currently live in a house where there is mold above the shower in my upstairs bathroom. I have gave the landlord more than 2 months to repair it and since, I have decided to hold rent for failing to rectify the problem in a timely manner.


We are currently going to small claims court because the landlord in trying to evict us, due to the fact we’re not paying rent and we’re not going too. We placed a counterclaim on his suit. He is recklessly and knowingly putting our health in danger, and breaching the lease contract that states: the home will be clean, healthy, free of unsafe material(s) at all times. Well, he isn’t holding up to the terms of the lease therein. His minion comes to our home uninvited and unannounced and expect access to the house without any prior notice, which isn’t happening, ever!

My advice to you folks, let the landlord know about your mold issues give him/her 30 days to respond and then send another notice by certified mail, if they still don’t respond after a week of that notice? Hold the rent and wait for them to respond and tell them how you have tried contacting them and with no success and will be filing a claim in court. Make sure you are professional and nice to the landlord at all times. In court yes your honor; no your honor.


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krystle December 8, 2017 - 3:07 pm

Thank you! Great advice on how to deal with landlords who will not take care of a mold issue! Thanks for sharing!


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