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Olivera in Ontario

I survived Covid with only mild symptoms but left me with runny nose. I have mold in my wall so should I cover the vent in my bathroom?

LISA in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

I stayed at the Wood Springs Suites/ Alpharetta GA for more than a year 1/2. In June of 2020 I found mold on my clothes. I reported it to the GM and he did nothing. The mold and mildew was so bad the room was infested with it. I contacted the County Health Department, and requested a room change. I was living there and the COVID pandemic happened so, it was impossible for me to find someplace else to go. It was a nightmare. I also became ill from living in the room. The hotel denied that it was mold, even after the Health department stated it was, and then wrongfully evicted me during COVID- 19 . I would like to know if you can do a story on this issue to bring awareness to others. I have pictures and documents to support my story. The hotel is Wood Springs Suites Alpharetta GA located at 860 McFarland Pkwy. I do not recommend this extended stay for any human being. See the photos attached.


Can I sue the hotel ? If so what area of law should I seek ? What other avenues can I take to get the word out and get an investigation of the hotel and compensation?

Allyson in Belleville, Arkansas

The house that we were living in started having black mold growing in it. I researched what to do. I used Castile soap to clean with indoors and out. It progressed and I started having severe headaches, frequent rashes, pressure in my throat, nausea and vomiting. We finally moved out in 2017. To no avail the damage is done. The chronic inflammation caused by mold toxins has caused rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor always told me that it was my allergies.

Glores in Bunker Hill, WV 25413

Since the pandemic I have been working from home. Prior to that I was out of the house everyday except Wednesday. Back in August I noticed in the morning my eyes would be swollen. I kept putting cold compress’ on them to help with the swelling. I decided to see an opthamalogist. He did a very through test. Nothing. Everything was ok. He did say to have my PCP do a thyroid test. Now I am waking up and my whole face is swollen and red. The bags under my eyes are protruding. Thyroid test was done. All negative.
My PCP recommended I see a ENT. ENT prescribed a steroid, nasal spray and allergy pills. Didn’t help. Face is still swelling. The swelling seems to go down somewhat in the PM. But as soon as I go to bed and wake in the morning the swelling in back again. ENT results came back that I was allergic to 2 molds. I am very frustrated so I reach out to an allergist in Winchester. She does testing and says I’m also allergic to 2 molds.
We bring a mold guy out and he says that mold is present under the house. Waiting for the results of his testing.


Could my symptoms be related to mold in my home since I am in the house all day. And why would it be evident in my face. No other symptoms. No hives, no rashes no pain anywhere else.

Leah in Kelowna

I am currently a renter. Last year I was MISDIAGNOSED by my Dr. stating that I was suffering from recurring Perioral dermatitis. After many outbreaks, facial scarring and serious depression from humility and isolation, I joined the POD support group. Right away I noticed the other members pictures showing their symptoms did NOT look like mine. So I posted my pics which resulted in numerous comments saying I have Ringworm on my face, NOT Peri Oral Dermatitis I then went for a second opinion and it was confirmed. How could I have gotten Ringworm? After researching, I found this article. Now It all makes sense to me !! My immune system is compromised due to recently having a full knee replacement surgery , so the combination of that and the Black Mold in my rented unit most likely resulted in my outbreak of Ringworm. WOW!!! Two days of proper diagnosis and protocol and my symptoms are dissipating! Time to Move!!!

Robert in West Plains

So about July 2019 me and my then fiance our new born baby and her son moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home. Landlord lives across country and his maintenance man lives on property. We were in a bind and took something no matter what it was. Well it was too good to be true. 3 months later my 3 other children get dropped off to me and one of them puts a hole in the wall. (They live with their mother i get every weekend) I see the distinct black spots and I call the maintenance man for the property. Well even with it being IN THE WALLS he claimed we caused it and told us repairs and fixes are my duty even though im not renting to own (I looked at the lease and welp it’s in there.) Well we replaced the sheetrock and insulation ourselves ($1800 in cost) Out of pocket. Still paid the 550 rent through out this. Even though it wasnt our doing. Well end of Sept 2020 it came back and with a vengeance. I seen that it was going below the floorboards. Well i wanted to see how bad it was under the house. Well im thinking cant be that bad. Well I went outside, peel back the siding for under the house and ohh what do I see? The old flooring of literally almost the entire house. What is all over it? MOLD!!! My maintenance man finally got back to me AFTER 2 WEEKS and called me a liar. He told me I have no reason to be moving the siding and that if I keep sticking my nose where it dont belong I wont be a resident of the place much longer and they can and will find someone who will appreciate him putting a roof over their heads. Well the day after that which was yesterday i come home and he was sitting outside my place told me my hot water heater is broken and I need to fix it or move. No1 was there all day until i got there. Yet the day I talked to the maintenance man it was perfectly fine. Now I am starting to see black mold by where the water heater is located. Never the less for the last 3 weeks my wife and kids have been staying at my mother in laws looking for a different place. Started looking into the rental company and found the old tenants who lived in the place I am moving out of and they told me alot on how bad the house was. Come to find out the roof was off for well over 5 months and about 2 months before we moved in put a tin roof over it and started working on it.


Has anyone else dealt with slumlords who put it on you and not care that kids are involved?

Patti in Brookings, OR

I was just so happy to have ran across this site. I was wondering if I could get Michelle Castros email.. she told my story to a tee.. I thought I was going
nuts. Never thought of mold.. This could be a new beginning for me. Thanks everyone.

Mold in Florida

My mold story began before I actually realized it did. I think it is so important for those of us who “realize” that we are being affected by mold, because so many people are not aware of how toxic mold can be in our bodies and it is everywhere!
Going in reverse chronological order, I can see how mold has affected me since I was 3 years old, but no one ever knew until now, I am 52 years old.

Here we are in 2020, I am suffering from shortness of breath, obesity (due to steroid use), severe joint and muscle pain, to the point that I am bedridden most of the time, I am blessed to have abilities as a Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysician, so I can literally work from my bed most days. I have been suffering at this level for 5 years now. I am on a myriad of medications, each one dealing with either the direct symptoms I suffer, or to combat the damage that the medication I have taken over the years have done. Two weeks ago, I began to even feel more out of breath, and can barely talk. I do to the emergency room and they give me the standard protocol, x-ray, magnesium drip, azithromyacin, Salumedrol (steroids) after 4 hours, I am sent home. Two days later, no better, I go to my PA and am given even stronger antibiotics and more steroids and sent home. Two more days later, I am admitted to the hospital for more steroids and released the next day. My pulmonologist says he has me on every medication that he knows to give me and my life is in danger, he tells me to get rid of all my pets and check for mold.

Flashback to 2016, I have been laid off from a job and I have to downsize my home from a brand new apartment to a tiny low income housing unit with my two daughters. Three months after moving, I am working at home and begin to have incredibly uncomfortable anxiety and feelings of pain and electrical shocks up and down my spine and neck. I feel completely “out of my body” disassociated with everything except the feeling of pain and fog.
Six months later, I am hospitalized for the first time with pneumonia. The journey begins, my asthma symptoms are often out of control, I am rushed to the ER in an ambulance on a BPAP on dozens of occasions. Counting from 2016 until today, I have been in the ER or Hospital more than 103 times. This torture went on from 2016 until 2019. In 2018, I am diagnosed with asthma and COPD and Specific Immunodeficiency to Pneumonia having only 7 of the 24 markers of immunity. December 2018, I am in my bathroom, which is not built to code in terms of water barrier and just has plastic sheeting glued on the shower wall to protect the dry wall from moisture. My cat comes into the bathroom as I am taking care of my business, she begins to claw at the wall furiously as if she hears something behind the wall, but all that is there is the plaster around the door frame. Suddenly a large chunk of wall falls to the floor and I see it, black, orange, green, white furry disgusting mold. I know it is not good at all, but I never realized what mold could actually do. Mold can kill. You, your children, your pets. It can cause Sudden Infant Death or SIDS in young babies. This I found out the hard way.
I sell everything I can sell and spend the $350 to have Assurance Air Quality in Tampa, Florida out to my home. David, the owner comes and begins the tests that will ultimately answer all of my questions and quite literally saves my life.
I have 3 of the most toxic molds known to man all growing together all over my home and I have been living, working and bedridden in that primal sludge for almost 3 years. I take the report to my PA, no response. Get out of the house, call your landlord, call the Clean Air Division of Florida State, call code enforcement, call the CDC, everyone tells me I am in danger, no one addresses the damage already done or what it could mean.
I quickly make arrangements to move and we make our way out of the mold infested house in less than two weeks, taking all our clothes and furniture with us. I being to improve, from 2019 to 2020, I am only in the hospital 1 time with Hypoxic Respiratory failure. That is a record for me. But still short of breath, in terrible pain. Friends and family have abandoned me as a hypochondriac and I am working alone in my bed trying to create a life and business for me and my children. I have gained 170 lbs since 2016 from steroid use. I now have type 2 diabetes, my resting heart rate is over 110.
We return to the hear and now and this last hospitalization, my pulmonogist runs a test called ANCA and Aspergillus. He tells me there must be mold. So, I call “my mold guy” David, from Quality Air Control and he comes to my new house. We moved here January of this year. I love it here, but I can’t breathe here anymore. Sure enough the test comes back positive for mold and I report it to my landlord. I have been sick and the house is not in the best of shape in terms of tidiness and the landlord denies mold and states that I it is the dust and cats causing my issues. They do replace the air handler but refuse to do any remediation as recommended by “my mold guy”. Today, I get a call from my Pulmonogist’s office. Please make an appointment with this Rheumatologist, you have tested positive for Wegener’s Granulamatosis. What in the hell is that? Well, it is now called CGD or Chronic Granulamatosis. My body do not Create H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide, (who knew people did anyway?) . Hydrogen Peroxide assists our bodies in combating the mold that is present in almost everything we eat, use or breathe. My body does not support mold, fungi or some bacterial immunity. Do you know what? 12% of humans do not. It is a hereditary disorder.
Then I remember…when I first began to get sick…my father had a very bad response. He told me I was just like his mother, she was always in pain and scared. Running to the hospital, constantly taking pills, in and out of the hospital, eventually dying of lung failure. He was angry with his mother, because from a very young age she laid in bed all day, called his father to come home from work and basically left her 3 children to figure it out. I remember at one point when he was yelling these things at me, I said, “if your mother felt even half as bad as I do, I don’t blame her.” But without a diagnosis, it doesn’t matter.
So now begins the long, long, long rode of healing, essential mold killing oils, breathing exercises, H202 infusions (only naturalist doctors provide and they are expensive.) Trips to the immunologist, pulmonologist. New mold free diet and the works. But I have answers, I know that my body cannot tolerate mold. There are so many ways that we can naturally and safely combat mold. But we have to know, number 1 what mold can do to our entire bodies, and number 2 have we been exposed to regular old mold that doesn’t kill us? Or something more sinister that can virtually put us 6 feet under. I am going to live a long life and I won’t suffer like this much longer, because I am determined to turn this around both Holistically and medically. I hope my story can help even 1 person that may be dealing with Mold sickness or even CGD. It has been a long and painful road, but, it has also changed my life in wonderful ways. If you would like to get to know me better, please visit me at, where i provide Spiritual Services and products and just a lot of fun. Be safe out there. Mold is no joke. LA

Holly in PARKER

Tracey!! Tracey from August 27th please hear me!! You have M. Canis. Its ringworm. Tinea Capitis. Bless youre heart!! I would imagine if you still have these horrifying symptoms you’ve processed into Kerion Celsi. Unimaginable illness. American ppl have NO clue how well we have it here. My own battle was/is the exact same. Mine came from my cat. M. Canis is a mean beast! It was 2 years, 24 E.R. visits 4 pcp’s, 6 dermatologists, 4 walk in clinics, 2 urgent care visits. My entire career of 25 glorious successful years as a.. get this…Hairstylist.. ?? What the…. Right! Oh yeah. I new it was from my kitten. I knew it was contagious. I knew it was an animal infection. Scabies was my #1 thought and focus. Staff untreated properly in my jaw turned Mrsa. Holy God. I literally had to go into battle to get the diagnosis. My vet was an enormous help. ALTHOUGH!!!! MOST VETS DONT KNOW WHAT M. CANIS LOOKS LIKE. ive not met a human who knows what this brand of ringworm looks like. So with that encouraging note just know its not a classic ring. Omg! In 2020 in parker Colorado not a soul knows what ringworm is. My soul sympathizes with you! I had boiled my condition down to a brain tumor. A tumor on the pituitary gland. Called acromagly. The long and short of this is with this tumor you become a living troll. Ugly as hell. Disfigured and deformed. Let these 2 words tell you what I became. Disfigured and deformed. With m. Canis infection its virulence is literally in the animal kingdom. It is a flesh eating fungus. It is a parasitic fungal infection. And yes it can kill you. Im dead thankful I happened upon this. I don’t read blogs. Youre in for a fight but fight you must. Oh not the fungus..thats your side problem. It will be ( i pray not) your doctors. My vet said ringworm in cats and dogs RARELY looks like a red ring…. God help me..sigh of complete exacerbation. ? so you need skin shaping cultured in a lab distinct for fungal growth. You need hairs from many locations on youre head taken with same care and measure. And upon arrive of 3-4 more weeks of waiting for culture to GROW! ( If these cultures come back with an answer by 3 weeks its not sent for the right lab tests.) In the mean time 100mg of itraconazole 2x a day for 8-9 straight!! Weeks is the protocol. Plus ketoconazole 2% shampoo 2x a day for 5 min all over youre body plus luliconazole 1% cream all over youre body especially your joints and face until you have 3 negative skin and hair cultures. And as important is antibiotics. Staff is having a party on youre face promise! Fungi and bacteria love to play together. Typically called cellulitis. Must take enough antibiotics to clear the party out or youre in trouble. 9x out of 10 and always in animals bacteria is 100% present with fungal infection. But remember BOTH need to be treated or your poor body will get pulverized by one or the other but always both. Animal fungus is ALWAYS with bacterial infection. Because its nasty sh**. Its mean and its here to kill you. Good luck sister. May God bless youre plan to wellness!!!

Mold in Kitchen, USA

Just purchased a home and closed on Aug. 6, 2020. Had an inspector that was referred by my agent. After two weeks of closing, I have learned the kitchen has mold. The seller did not disclose, and they mentioned they replaced the overflow in the kitchen, but did not list any leaks. You don’t just replace an overflow for the heck of it….it is only replaced if there is a leak of some sort. The leak was so bad, that it has disintegrated the kitchen cupboards. To add to the picture, I am immune compromised, as I have Lyme disease….I was very clear and adamant about my condition to both my agent and inspector that I could not have any mold found in the house. They were well advised prior to the inspection. At this time, wondering what type of insurance the agent has that I can go after to cover this type of toxicity. I do not have boatloads of money to fix this, nor can I stay in the house at this time – I have not moved in due to my current chronic health condition.

Mold Story USA

I moved into my apartment a year ago, all seemed kosher. I soon started to notice my aching nauseating headaches. Alongside those I also have started with my skin becoming more and more of a prickling sensation itchiness and it’s also breaking out in rashes from time.
My memory I didn’t think anything of due to being diagnosed with front left temporal lobe brain damage by my psychiatrist from being abused a few back. Until a few months ago I realized my memory went from worse to becoming like it wasn’t even there anymore, I’m no longer able to get my thoughts properly processed or organized. I thought it was me losing it. Well last month my landlord opened up the kitchen wall, took the counter cupboard off due to a leak. Well he also took the wall off and left it all open with a hug hole for the hole night. With saturated black mold insulation everywhere all saturated in the wall with black mold all through my countertop. Said it would get taken car of. He came back the next day. Stuff new insulation over the black mold insulation and threw new drywall over the moldy areas without cleaning it and said my countertop was scraped of the black mold but it wasnt all gone. And put a new cupboard in…. well I’m sorry but I’m more sick and so and so isn’t my dog his eyes and and breathing is horrible. I have pictures. And nobody will do a damn thing I refuse to pay rent this month and they want to raise as of the first of August and I want to move out due to this but they will not let me leave without paying them what I owe.

Sheri in Mississippi

Moved into an older home last year. My lab Tex got sick first, sneezing and eye problems, then trouble with swollen limp node. After 7 months here, he started sneezing blood, and couldn’t breath through his nose. He was in so much pain, we helped him cross over. This has been insane, I have had throat swelling and eye problems too. I remember cleaning up black mold in corner of our bedroom too, right after we moved in. I try to talk to my husband about this and get no where. I research online and find more info everyday, about mold. I feel so helpless here, and think this house is contaminated with  mold.

Scott in Coral Springs, FL

Did a home mold test with Mold Armor. I did one petri dish in my kitchen with the a/c blowing on it for 10 min and did the same thing in my bedroom. I incubated it for 96 hours and got something from the kitchen, but not the bedroom. (See images).


Is it mold, mildew, or a fungus? And, most of all, should I be worried? Thanks. Looking forward to your answer. Thanks, Scott

Amor in Seattle

Hi my name is Amor and I have a terrible mold problem. I live in low income housing in Seattle I moved in December 2008.
About a year after moving in there was a fire in the attic, it was a minor, little damage and luckily no one hurt. Bare with me as this is a complicated situation and trying to write a short version without leaving out important details, now this fire is where I feel it all stemmed from.
About 2 years after that I started to notice mold in my bathroom, and my bathroom has no windows and a ventalation fan that sounds like it works but doesn’t when I signed my lease there was a form regarding mold and how to clean it. So I cleaned it just as the paper said. The mold became so bad that I was cleaning the mold 2 to 3 times a week, all the while calling and emailing Seattle Housing Authority with very little response. Every year they do an annual inspection to see what repairs need to be done, and every year I have told/reminded them about the mold and the fan and every year they said they would put a work order in asap.
By now my family and I are starting to experience extreme respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, cough, my daughter was even hacking up black stuff from her lungs and we have never been sick like this. My nephew who was born with a heart condition came and stayed with me Monday-Thursday for school last year started having respiratory problems. We took him to the ER where they transferred him to children’s hospital as they thought he possibly had blood clots in his lungs, luckily he did not but at his follow-up appointment after hearing our story and looking at the pictures she wrote a letter stating that the mold was so bad that the house was inhabitable and all people residing there needed to be relocated. As this was done by her own choice she was not asked. Little did it do to help as Housing said in basically was a no good letter as he was not on my lease, which I don’t understand because he is a minor.
As for myself, who is home more than anyone already have a compromised health history. In 1999 I had a gastric bypass and have had issues ever since. Bowel obstruction, GI bleeds, pancreatitis, have lost all my teeth because I spent the first year throwing up stomach acid which eroded my teeth (still have no teeth or dentures, can’t afford it). I even had a heart attack 2 years ago anemia related. So I am the one experiencing more symptoms. Have not yet confirmed by doctor but I’m pretty sure I have Raynaud’s disease ( picture below).

So here we are almost 10 years later, over 100 emails sent, hundreds of pictures of the mold throughout the years, and many annual inspections and nothing done. I did forget to mention that they did come and deal with the mold by painting it with mold resistant paint, 4-5 times over a 10 year period. The last time they painted was just two months ago and you can already see the mold again. Doesn’t sound like mold resistant paint if you have come in more than once.
So I finally had enough and called the city’s code and building inspectors department and filed a complaint.
The city came and inspected and along with the mold issue that I have been complaining about they found other code violations. I was told that not much could be released to me information wise.
That helped because about 2 months after the maintenance people started showing up to fix it, or so I thought as I just got official word that they failed and noted black mold present in the home. I am happy that something was found because I feel like my family and friends think I’m just crazy, but even angrier because I don’t have the money to move, hire someone to clean it or fund a retainer fee ( unless personal injury attorney’s do these types of cases…. anyone know if there is any).
I am just at my wit’s end, I feel the mold is killing me slowly ( I know my other health issues don’t help either). Any advice resources anything please. And thank you for taking the time to read all this

Chris in Castroville

Started 6 months ago getting severe jock itch. Its now in my eye brows really bad and mustache. Spoty on head, neck etc. Its driving me crazy. I have lost most of my eyebrows and when they try to regrow they get wiped out again. I cant stop messing with it its so terrible. Emuaid ointment extra strength helps alot, also their soap and cans of lomitrin powder spray, also rub pure arm and hammer baking soda paste on your skin. The fight goes on but im not sure if i will ever rid myself of this yeast and mold. Eat right, get plenty of sleep and shower daily.


Anyone ever tried colloidal silver?

Maegan in Michigan


Cherie in Seattle, WA

I work as a laborer for a residential remodeling company. I think this company really cares about it’s employees. We have health and safety meetings every week and discuss different topics like tool safety and silicosis, but we never discussed how to safely handle mold. I have heard Seattle is known for its mold issues. I have heard of children dying at Seattle Children’s because of black mold. I never put the two together.

Three weeks ago, I was demoing a basement to refinish it. The basement had previously suffered from an accidental flood. One of the walls and most of the insulation were covered in black mold. The area was not well ventilated, but I used my respirator. For the first day. Then it got hot, and I switched to a dust mask the second day. That night, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was coughing and my eyes felt like they were burning. I thought it was just the drywall dust drying out my eyes and lungs. I wore a respirator for the third and last day of demo, but the damage has been done.

Now, three weeks later, away from the job, I am still experiencing a cough, my eyes still burn, and I am still easily tired, sleeping long hours and feel mentally sluggish.

I am convinced I inhaled not only a lot of mold spores, but fiberglass and drywall dust that has embedded it in my system. I would say the exposure was incredibly high for two days. I have scoured the internet for solutions. For the past three days, I have eaten a lot of spirulina, ginger, turmeric, and leafy greens salads. I still feel like very similarly to how I did from the start.

This blog has been such a refreshing find. There are not a lot of scientific articles published on mold poisoning and treatment of it.


Please advise. A lot of sources say to 1) remove myself from the source (which I have) 2) detox through diet and hydration. I read your article on using activated charcoal, which I will begin taking tomorrow. I read that it only removes the mycotoxins which causes the symptoms, but how do you remove the source?

Barbara in Ronkonkoma


I live in a downstairs condo. About 8 years ago there wasa floor from upstairs. Now ceiling seam is starting to split, could it be mold? I am sick all the time.

Bruce in Mesa, AZ

Mold is a fungus that can grow on virtually any surface provided moisture is present, damaging buildings and negatively affecting the health of building occupants. The preferred solution is to control and eliminate the source of moisture that precipitates the mold growth.

However, this is an insufficient method to a chronic problem. Long term solutions within real world operational settings (where building occupants continuously adjust system specific heating, ventilation and air conditioning set points to achieve their immediate comfort) must address all surfaces where mold may grow. These “comfort” adjustments inevitably create environments where moisture and temperature enhance the already prime onsite environmental conditions for mold growth another contributor to enhanced mold growth is insufficient maintenance due to funding levels at military installations.

Dry Fog Spray

Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center partnered with the Army Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management’s Installation Technology Transfer Program to demonstrate the effectiveness of the two-step dry-fog remediation process technology. Two buildings were identified for the dry-fog demonstration: a vacant dining facility and a dormant barracks administration section that included classrooms, restrooms, and office facilities.

The two-step dry-fog process introduces a gas/vapor with micron-sized particles that cover, penetrate, and encompass mold spores in materials, spaces, and places that current mold removal technologies are not able to penetrate mold growth areas. Unlike many current mold remediation methods, the two-step dry-fog process requires no personal protective equipment and minimal manpower, as the application system itself performs the work required to destroy existing mold spores and prevent future growth.

The first step of the treatment process is the application of InstaPURE, a powerful disinfectant that destroys mold spores and disinfects any surface it touches. The second step is the application of EverPURE, and anti-microbial barrier that destroys bacteria or viruses that come in contact with treated surfaces. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approves the use of both InstaPURE and EverPURE in all 50 states.

The center’s team members analyzed the demonstration for the efficacy of mold spore removal, and the potential for long-term mold prevention. Treating each test building took five to six hours and included: mobilization, “before” air and surface sampling ,treatment application, “after” air and surface sampling , and de-mobilization.

Initial prior to treatment air samples taken from the dining facility and barracks locations indicated an average of hundreds of thousands mold spores per cubic meter while outdoor/background samples were in the thousands. Air samples to date, three months after treatment, have shown and continue to indicate complete treatment of all mold spores, showing below outdoor/background levels. Surfaces in both buildings were covered with visible mold spores. Surfaces samples taken after treatment indicate complete removal and continue to show no new mold growth to date. The dry vapr coating extends the period that mold growth is inhibited. Further studies may suggest the maximum extent this process offers growth inhibiting characteristics as well as additional applications, perhaps testing medical equipment infrastructure, new construction, etc.

Early projects results have been shared with Region IV of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District. Based on results to date, the dry-fog technology potentially could support mold remediation needs resulting from recent and future natural hazards.

The two-step dry-fog technology is commercially available through Pure Maintenance. Pure Maintenance provides training and equipment to interested parties for organic application, per specific situational contracting and/or agreements.

Ron in San Gabriel,CA.

it all started when I noticed birds flying out of a hole above my head in to the attic area of my apartment that we were renting I asked Management to send someone over and they did a few days later they tried to screen it off with some kind of screen mesh but it was very unsuccessful the birds were continuously going in and out at this time I was getting frustrated because it was making a mess and started to make a smell and in the times that it started raining I noticed that there was a strong smell of developing getting worse and worse every time After sealing it up myself the right way or they could not come in and out I went into the attic and I found this huge Birdsnest right below the pipe I believe it was a rain gutter pipe or something for her it was leaking on this huge birds nest it was about 3‘ x 2‘ and about 6 inches high I don’t know it’s disgusting (fig.1) I told the manager about it and he said he would take care of it so a few months pass by and it starts to rain again and I’m mediately start noticing there is a smell coming again and we’re getting sick in my apartment me and my wife and my son so I went back up into the attic and I seen the Birdsnest was still there he never the owner never removed it like he told me he would and this is been almost a year already so I went to call the health department and the health department told me it’s against their new procedures Do you have anybody climb up a ladder to identify the area and fears of them falling. So I went to the Home Depot to pick up a mold kit that I found out that they sold their to do a test myself and this is what I found and it was growing in my place (fig.2) I mentioned it to the manager at the property who’s name is Tina and she said no sarcastic way of laughing in a way that the building has had a leak for 30 years and I looked at her and said when she said that from me and my wife are you serious and about that I was very upset so I told her to leave. Then I got a hold of the property owner and showed him the mold testing thing I had and he told me get that stuff off my property and I told him this is what’s in my apartment Getting me and my family sick. so I got a hold of the CDC and gentlemen came over to take a look at the property and he found signs of mold and had them right away to get a mold person to come and inspect the property and at this time me and my wife and son were really getting sick I was getting migraines almost every day my wife has a continuous cough my sons eyes are getting red And I was hoping that his asthma wasn’t going to react to it since it’s been dormant for years. When I went up to the attic I could some pictures and video of what I found in their place is a disaster they had an inspector come and made a mold test and at that time before they had the most test done I had to basically argue with the owner to get somebody over here to do a test . Then when he did came out positive he told us that we needed to leave for at least a week so he put it into a hotel and in that time I was doing my own research finding kinds of bad news about this stuff so we had to put some stuff in the storage and it turns out to be that the week turned into two weeks and we have bills that had to be paid in the middle of that. So we were late paying our bills didn’t like that very much wonder if there’s something I can do about that if anybody knows but anyways the neighbors next-door to us have kids want to go and the lady was pregnant the smell of the motor so bad I knew they could smell it and I knew was affecting them too so I asked the owner If they told him about the more they found positive in my unit next-door to them he didn’t respond I asked him if they had a copy of the report he didn’t respond so a couple days went by I saw the neighbor and I asked him hey did you guys happen to know what’s going on and they said no they didn’t know anything and when I was going back to my unit the manager came up to me and says I don’t want you talking to the tenant you may give her a miscarriage that was the final straw right there I was so mad So I started looking into getting an attorney because I noticed that when I was in the attic it was more than four or five different areas of the waters coming in from the rain (fig.4,5)and when I was up there it was a spot where the exhaust fan was supposed to protruding to the roof and was never there manager the owner when I told him he went up there and he stuck a screwdriver up there and popped a hole through the roof and had one of his colleagues down there trying to keep me busy so I wouldn’t notice we was doing pretty ruthless and I asked him when he was done, if it’s going to leak because you can see daylight coming through the damn hole is crazy I went up on the roof that night when He left and put a tarp On top of the roof which did a good job of presenting water coming in and the next Day The owner handed me at the tarp folded nicely I was so mad I told him that I might’ve found the area where it was leaking in the attic if you wanted to watch the video that I made (fig.6)he wouldn’t hear of it two months go by until the next rain it just seem to be that it started up leaking and it started smelling every time it rained it was getting to be a routine thing going through this for about a year and a half now I know what to expect but one thing I didn’t know I didn’t expect What is this thing called retaliation I was in my garage which is separated from the building and when I was in there the power was shut off I didn’t know why they pulled the emergency lever open the door and started walking towards mailbox or I believe the breaker switches are located in their summer standard flipping the switches invoice gave the manager boyfriend is flipping switches I asked him why did you give anybody notice that you were going to be turn the power off I just got locked in my garage and he came at me with this derogatory notice screaming and shouting texting annoyed I’m getting sucked up in the head(Fig.7)I tell you I wasn’t planning to move to this place to get sick let alone getting socked up in the head for reporting which seem to be protecting my own rights and my families. That’s where I’m at right now .


anybody got a good attorney ? (email- [email protected])Thanks for listening

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