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Leah in Kelowna

by krystle

I am currently a renter. Last year I was MISDIAGNOSED by my Dr. stating that I was suffering from recurring Perioral dermatitis. After many outbreaks, facial scarring and serious depression from humility and isolation, I joined the POD support group. Right away I noticed the other members pictures showing their symptoms did NOT look like mine. So I posted my pics which resulted in numerous comments saying I have Ringworm on my face, NOT Peri Oral Dermatitis I then went for a second opinion and it was confirmed. How could I have gotten Ringworm? After researching, I found this article. Now It all makes sense to me !! My immune system is compromised due to recently having a full knee replacement surgery , so the combination of that and the Black Mold in my rented unit most likely resulted in my outbreak of Ringworm. WOW!!! Two days of proper diagnosis and protocol and my symptoms are dissipating! Time to Move!!!

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