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Robert in West Plains

by krystle

So about July 2019 me and my then fiance our new born baby and her son moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home. Landlord lives across country and his maintenance man lives on property. We were in a bind and took something no matter what it was. Well it was too good to be true. 3 months later my 3 other children get dropped off to me and one of them puts a hole in the wall. (They live with their mother i get every weekend) I see the distinct black spots and I call the maintenance man for the property. Well even with it being IN THE WALLS he claimed we caused it and told us repairs and fixes are my duty even though im not renting to own (I looked at the lease and welp it’s in there.) Well we replaced the sheetrock and insulation ourselves ($1800 in cost) Out of pocket. Still paid the 550 rent through out this. Even though it wasnt our doing. Well end of Sept 2020 it came back and with a vengeance. I seen that it was going below the floorboards. Well i wanted to see how bad it was under the house. Well im thinking cant be that bad. Well I went outside, peel back the siding for under the house and ohh what do I see? The old flooring of literally almost the entire house. What is all over it? MOLD!!! My maintenance man finally got back to me AFTER 2 WEEKS and called me a liar. He told me I have no reason to be moving the siding and that if I keep sticking my nose where it dont belong I wont be a resident of the place much longer and they can and will find someone who will appreciate him putting a roof over their heads. Well the day after that which was yesterday i come home and he was sitting outside my place told me my hot water heater is broken and I need to fix it or move. No1 was there all day until i got there. Yet the day I talked to the maintenance man it was perfectly fine. Now I am starting to see black mold by where the water heater is located. Never the less for the last 3 weeks my wife and kids have been staying at my mother in laws looking for a different place. Started looking into the rental company and found the old tenants who lived in the place I am moving out of and they told me alot on how bad the house was. Come to find out the roof was off for well over 5 months and about 2 months before we moved in put a tin roof over it and started working on it.



Has anyone else dealt with slumlords who put it on you and not care that kids are involved?


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Connie December 5, 2020 - 9:14 pm

I just moved out of what was beyond the worst nightmare of my life. The owner was a complete neanderthal when I was explaining everything as to the reasons for mold. He completely blew me off and did nothing to remediate. As for me I suffered the most awful 2 years in my life. Things happening to me I would have never thought possible.


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