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Glores in Bunker Hill, WV 25413

by krystle

Since the pandemic I have been working from home. Prior to that I was out of the house everyday except Wednesday. Back in August I noticed in the morning my eyes would be swollen. I kept putting cold compress’ on them to help with the swelling. I decided to see an opthamalogist. He did a very through test. Nothing. Everything was ok. He did say to have my PCP do a thyroid test. Now I am waking up and my whole face is swollen and red. The bags under my eyes are protruding. Thyroid test was done. All negative.
My PCP recommended I see a ENT. ENT prescribed a steroid, nasal spray and allergy pills. Didn’t help. Face is still swelling. The swelling seems to go down somewhat in the PM. But as soon as I go to bed and wake in the morning the swelling in back again. ENT results came back that I was allergic to 2 molds. I am very frustrated so I reach out to an allergist in Winchester. She does testing and says I’m also allergic to 2 molds.
We bring a mold guy out and he says that mold is present under the house. Waiting for the results of his testing.


Could my symptoms be related to mold in my home since I am in the house all day. And why would it be evident in my face. No other symptoms. No hives, no rashes no pain anywhere else.

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