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Holly in PARKER

Tracey!! Tracey from August 27th please hear me!! You have M. Canis. Its ringworm. Tinea Capitis. Bless youre heart!! I would imagine if you still have these horrifying symptoms you’ve processed into Kerion Celsi. Unimaginable illness. American ppl have NO clue how well we have it here. My own battle was/is the exact same. Mine came from my cat. M. Canis is a mean beast! It was 2 years, 24 E.R. visits 4 pcp’s, 6 dermatologists, 4 walk in clinics, 2 urgent care visits. My entire career of 25 glorious successful years as a.. get this…Hairstylist.. ?? What the…. Right! Oh yeah. I new it was from my kitten. I knew it was contagious. I knew it was an animal infection. Scabies was my #1 thought and focus. Staff untreated properly in my jaw turned Mrsa. Holy God. I literally had to go into battle to get the diagnosis. My vet was an enormous help. ALTHOUGH!!!! MOST VETS DONT KNOW WHAT M. CANIS LOOKS LIKE. ive not met a human who knows what this brand of ringworm looks like. So with that encouraging note just know its not a classic ring. Omg! In 2020 in parker Colorado not a soul knows what ringworm is. My soul sympathizes with you! I had boiled my condition down to a brain tumor. A tumor on the pituitary gland. Called acromagly. The long and short of this is with this tumor you become a living troll. Ugly as hell. Disfigured and deformed. Let these 2 words tell you what I became. Disfigured and deformed. With m. Canis infection its virulence is literally in the animal kingdom. It is a flesh eating fungus. It is a parasitic fungal infection. And yes it can kill you. Im dead thankful I happened upon this. I don’t read blogs. Youre in for a fight but fight you must. Oh not the fungus..thats your side problem. It will be ( i pray not) your doctors. My vet said ringworm in cats and dogs RARELY looks like a red ring…. God help me..sigh of complete exacerbation. ? so you need skin shaping cultured in a lab distinct for fungal growth. You need hairs from many locations on youre head taken with same care and measure. And upon arrive of 3-4 more weeks of waiting for culture to GROW! ( If these cultures come back with an answer by 3 weeks its not sent for the right lab tests.) In the mean time 100mg of itraconazole 2x a day for 8-9 straight!! Weeks is the protocol. Plus ketoconazole 2% shampoo 2x a day for 5 min all over youre body plus luliconazole 1% cream all over youre body especially your joints and face until you have 3 negative skin and hair cultures. And as important is antibiotics. Staff is having a party on youre face promise! Fungi and bacteria love to play together. Typically called cellulitis. Must take enough antibiotics to clear the party out or youre in trouble. 9x out of 10 and always in animals bacteria is 100% present with fungal infection. But remember BOTH need to be treated or your poor body will get pulverized by one or the other but always both. Animal fungus is ALWAYS with bacterial infection. Because its nasty sh**. Its mean and its here to kill you. Good luck sister. May God bless youre plan to wellness!!!

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