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Mold in Florida

by krystle

My mold story began before I actually realized it did. I think it is so important for those of us who “realize” that we are being affected by mold, because so many people are not aware of how toxic mold can be in our bodies and it is everywhere!
Going in reverse chronological order, I can see how mold has affected me since I was 3 years old, but no one ever knew until now, I am 52 years old.

Here we are in 2020, I am suffering from shortness of breath, obesity (due to steroid use), severe joint and muscle pain, to the point that I am bedridden most of the time, I am blessed to have abilities as a Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysician, so I can literally work from my bed most days. I have been suffering at this level for 5 years now. I am on a myriad of medications, each one dealing with either the direct symptoms I suffer, or to combat the damage that the medication I have taken over the years have done. Two weeks ago, I began to even feel more out of breath, and can barely talk. I do to the emergency room and they give me the standard protocol, x-ray, magnesium drip, azithromyacin, Salumedrol (steroids) after 4 hours, I am sent home. Two days later, no better, I go to my PA and am given even stronger antibiotics and more steroids and sent home. Two more days later, I am admitted to the hospital for more steroids and released the next day. My pulmonologist says he has me on every medication that he knows to give me and my life is in danger, he tells me to get rid of all my pets and check for mold.

Flashback to 2016, I have been laid off from a job and I have to downsize my home from a brand new apartment to a tiny low income housing unit with my two daughters. Three months after moving, I am working at home and begin to have incredibly uncomfortable anxiety and feelings of pain and electrical shocks up and down my spine and neck. I feel completely “out of my body” disassociated with everything except the feeling of pain and fog.
Six months later, I am hospitalized for the first time with pneumonia. The journey begins, my asthma symptoms are often out of control, I am rushed to the ER in an ambulance on a BPAP on dozens of occasions. Counting from 2016 until today, I have been in the ER or Hospital more than 103 times. This torture went on from 2016 until 2019. In 2018, I am diagnosed with asthma and COPD and Specific Immunodeficiency to Pneumonia having only 7 of the 24 markers of immunity. December 2018, I am in my bathroom, which is not built to code in terms of water barrier and just has plastic sheeting glued on the shower wall to protect the dry wall from moisture. My cat comes into the bathroom as I am taking care of my business, she begins to claw at the wall furiously as if she hears something behind the wall, but all that is there is the plaster around the door frame. Suddenly a large chunk of wall falls to the floor and I see it, black, orange, green, white furry disgusting mold. I know it is not good at all, but I never realized what mold could actually do. Mold can kill. You, your children, your pets. It can cause Sudden Infant Death or SIDS in young babies. This I found out the hard way.
I sell everything I can sell and spend the $350 to have Assurance Air Quality in Tampa, Florida out to my home. David, the owner comes and begins the tests that will ultimately answer all of my questions and quite literally saves my life.
I have 3 of the most toxic molds known to man all growing together all over my home and I have been living, working and bedridden in that primal sludge for almost 3 years. I take the report to my PA, no response. Get out of the house, call your landlord, call the Clean Air Division of Florida State, call code enforcement, call the CDC, everyone tells me I am in danger, no one addresses the damage already done or what it could mean.
I quickly make arrangements to move and we make our way out of the mold infested house in less than two weeks, taking all our clothes and furniture with us. I being to improve, from 2019 to 2020, I am only in the hospital 1 time with Hypoxic Respiratory failure. That is a record for me. But still short of breath, in terrible pain. Friends and family have abandoned me as a hypochondriac and I am working alone in my bed trying to create a life and business for me and my children. I have gained 170 lbs since 2016 from steroid use. I now have type 2 diabetes, my resting heart rate is over 110.
We return to the hear and now and this last hospitalization, my pulmonogist runs a test called ANCA and Aspergillus. He tells me there must be mold. So, I call “my mold guy” David, from Quality Air Control and he comes to my new house. We moved here January of this year. I love it here, but I can’t breathe here anymore. Sure enough the test comes back positive for mold and I report it to my landlord. I have been sick and the house is not in the best of shape in terms of tidiness and the landlord denies mold and states that I it is the dust and cats causing my issues. They do replace the air handler but refuse to do any remediation as recommended by “my mold guy”. Today, I get a call from my Pulmonogist’s office. Please make an appointment with this Rheumatologist, you have tested positive for Wegener’s Granulamatosis. What in the hell is that? Well, it is now called CGD or Chronic Granulamatosis. My body do not Create H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide, (who knew people did anyway?) . Hydrogen Peroxide assists our bodies in combating the mold that is present in almost everything we eat, use or breathe. My body does not support mold, fungi or some bacterial immunity. Do you know what? 12% of humans do not. It is a hereditary disorder.
Then I remember…when I first began to get sick…my father had a very bad response. He told me I was just like his mother, she was always in pain and scared. Running to the hospital, constantly taking pills, in and out of the hospital, eventually dying of lung failure. He was angry with his mother, because from a very young age she laid in bed all day, called his father to come home from work and basically left her 3 children to figure it out. I remember at one point when he was yelling these things at me, I said, “if your mother felt even half as bad as I do, I don’t blame her.” But without a diagnosis, it doesn’t matter.
So now begins the long, long, long rode of healing, essential mold killing oils, breathing exercises, H202 infusions (only naturalist doctors provide and they are expensive.) Trips to the immunologist, pulmonologist. New mold free diet and the works. But I have answers, I know that my body cannot tolerate mold. There are so many ways that we can naturally and safely combat mold. But we have to know, number 1 what mold can do to our entire bodies, and number 2 have we been exposed to regular old mold that doesn’t kill us? Or something more sinister that can virtually put us 6 feet under. I am going to live a long life and I won’t suffer like this much longer, because I am determined to turn this around both Holistically and medically. I hope my story can help even 1 person that may be dealing with Mold sickness or even CGD. It has been a long and painful road, but, it has also changed my life in wonderful ways. If you would like to get to know me better, please visit me at www.HigherChannels.com, where i provide Spiritual Services and products and just a lot of fun. Be safe out there. Mold is no joke. LA

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