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Mold in Kitchen, USA

by krystle

Just purchased a home and closed on Aug. 6, 2020. Had an inspector that was referred by my agent. After two weeks of closing, I have learned the kitchen has mold. The seller did not disclose, and they mentioned they replaced the overflow in the kitchen, but did not list any leaks. You don’t just replace an overflow for the heck of it….it is only replaced if there is a leak of some sort. The leak was so bad, that it has disintegrated the kitchen cupboards. To add to the picture, I am immune compromised, as I have Lyme disease….I was very clear and adamant about my condition to both my agent and inspector that I could not have any mold found in the house. They were well advised prior to the inspection. At this time, wondering what type of insurance the agent has that I can go after to cover this type of toxicity. I do not have boatloads of money to fix this, nor can I stay in the house at this time – I have not moved in due to my current chronic health condition.

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