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Mold Story USA

I moved into my apartment a year ago, all seemed kosher. I soon started to notice my aching nauseating headaches. Alongside those I also have started with my skin becoming more and more of a prickling sensation itchiness and it’s also breaking out in rashes from time.
My memory I didn’t think anything of due to being diagnosed with front left temporal lobe brain damage by my psychiatrist from being abused a few back. Until a few months ago I realized my memory went from worse to becoming like it wasn’t even there anymore, I’m no longer able to get my thoughts properly processed or organized. I thought it was me losing it. Well last month my landlord opened up the kitchen wall, took the counter cupboard off due to a leak. Well he also took the wall off and left it all open with a hug hole for the hole night. With saturated black mold insulation everywhere all saturated in the wall with black mold all through my countertop. Said it would get taken car of. He came back the next day. Stuff new insulation over the black mold insulation and threw new drywall over the moldy areas without cleaning it and said my countertop was scraped of the black mold but it wasnt all gone. And put a new cupboard in…. well I’m sorry but I’m more sick and so and so isn’t my dog his eyes and and breathing is horrible. I have pictures. And nobody will do a damn thing I refuse to pay rent this month and they want to raise as of the first of August and I want to move out due to this but they will not let me leave without paying them what I owe.

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