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LISA in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

by Jonathan

I stayed at the Wood Springs Suites/ Alpharetta GA for more than a year 1/2. In June of 2020 I found mold on my clothes. I reported it to the GM and he did nothing. The mold and mildew was so bad the room was infested with it. I contacted the County Health Department, and requested a room change. I was living there and the COVID pandemic happened so, it was impossible for me to find someplace else to go. It was a nightmare. I also became ill from living in the room. The hotel denied that it was mold, even after the Health department stated it was, and then wrongfully evicted me during COVID- 19 . I would like to know if you can do a story on this issue to bring awareness to others. I have pictures and documents to support my story. The hotel is Wood Springs Suites Alpharetta GA located at 860 McFarland Pkwy. I do not recommend this extended stay for any human being. See the photos attached.


Can I sue the hotel ? If so what area of law should I seek ? What other avenues can I take to get the word out and get an investigation of the hotel and compensation?

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