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Michael in Port Orford Oregon

Me and my wife rented a house July 1, 2016 and about 3 months ago after I twisted my leg at work boss told me to go to workers comp. In September I saw doctor they sent me for an ultra sound they found DVT’S in my leg in 3 spots after being on blood thinners for about 3 weeks I started getting blurry vision and had some very painful chest pains and with coughing up blood and black stuff and having bloody nose on a daily bases, I’ve been asking doctors to test me they refuse because they feel they know my body better than I do this is still currently going on and I’ve gotten know where with them it’s pretty pothetic you can watch T.V. and see a resuce crew savings a swan with its leg stuck in a semi frozen lake or a dog in a hole,but then A HUMAN BEING feels they’ve been exposed to toxic mold there like no your confused the real people that should be the doctor are the people out there saving the dog the swan and the doctors that are denying me my medical attention that’s necessary should be held accountable along with the people whom are renting houses or apartments I brought my problem to the owner and 1 week later a no cause eviction, the reason for that was she wants to sale the house do I feel this is what she’s doing no she just wants to wipe walls with bleach and hurt someone else…Is this a crime I feel it is pre-meditatided willfully renting a house or an apartment to someone that could possible get sick (is it a crime ) ok say for example I put mold in something you drink and give it to you,I’d be in jail what makes it ok for a owner to do that to the renter,this it what I feel the owners know that it’s very hard for someone to get tested for toxins through doctors so therefore they keep doing it and to have a home tested cost money to it cost me $1,800 for an industrial hygienist to come and test my home,it tested positive,I’ve also found out that you can transfer black mold with you for example some whom don’t have alot of money they get flu like symptoms and can’t work for a week or two because doctors diagnose a symtom most likely it’s going to be an antibiotic or inhaler or another steroid which are both bad they will eventually lead you to death and come up with something like heart problem asma attack how many people do I feel have died at the hands of doctors missed diagnosed alot because some of the test are costly $900 for blood test so if on government aide I feel this is population control.

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  1. DONT MOVE TO PORT ORFORD OREGON ! AKA MOLDY !!!! They sell there houses cheap cuz there full of TOXIC MOLD

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