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Eclipse in Bellingham, Ma

I am in need of help! I have been sick due to mold for about six months, I had to quit my job, a job that I loved cause I couldn’t function anymore. I am so far the only one super effected, my wife has been feeling it a bit, but I have been breathing it in almost all day everyday for six months, even when I was working it was a five hour shift a couple days a week, the rest of my time was spent in our room breathing mold in.
My wife doesn’t really believe me, so I am being forced to go up to our mold infested part of the house. We live with her grandfather, but we don’t want to concern him with something that hasn’t spread to that part of the house yet, his wife died not that long ago and hes still dealing with enough, hes not very healthy himself, for other reasons he has had for years and hes pretty old. My wife just isn’t understanding the severity of a mold problem, and I know why, we are super broke, and not the kind of broke where we say it but then go spend money on stupid things, no, we are super broke, we can buy food, hygiene products and finish the rest of what we got off with bills. We cant afford to go anywhere, we cant afford to get mold removers here, even of we told her grandfather he doesn’t have it either, his wife had no health insurance. We literally have nothing we can do, but I can’t stay here, is there anything, anyway you could help us? I can’t even try to make myself feel better because my wofe keeps insisting she has taken care of the mold problem and that everything is fine, she doesnt get how bad it can be, and the humidity in the house is high, at least it feels it. Heres a list of symptoms I have
Fatigue and weakness
Headache, light sensitivity
Poor memory, difficult word finding
Difficulty concentration
Shortness of breath, sinus congestion or chronic cough
Appetite swings, body temperature regulation,
Increased urinary frequency or increased thirst
sweats, mood swings
some bloating
Tearing, disorientation, metallic taste in mouth (very rare, but there)
Vertigo, feeling lightheaded
I’ll admit I have always had some dizzy and I get the shakes when I don;t ear for awhile but this is different, this is fairly new and I have been living with the food issues for awhile and I know the difference. Please, I just need some help? I am so terrified, and it doesnt help that my wife is being so ignorant with it.


please help me?!?!

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