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Sharon in Louisiana

by krystle

Greetings! I’m in need of some support from others dealing with similar issues. I have acquired toxic mold syndrome. I happen to be one of those annoying folks that have a hypersensitive-predisposition to mold. I understand that only 20-25% of the population will suffer health consequences due to exposure. And, I’m sure, because of such statistics, it makes sense that most people, (including doctors) just ‘poopoo’ those of us sensitives who complain of the many, MANY, symptoms that only toxic mold can bestow. It may not be toxic to most people, but it is toxic to some and makes us very sick. Imagine for a moment what those more dangerous molds do inside the walls or under the carpets. It turns otherwise viable materials into mush! It grows and spreads it’s gooey-ness and eats It’s way and takes charge of a building as though it were moving through a human population like a bloody pandemic. I wonder if perhaps mold mycotoxins effect human tissue in similar ways? Possibly? I can’t believe that we as a society are so intellectually challenged that we would simply dismiss a person’s illness because we just don’t agree with their illness. I lived in a building for five years that had a water leak in one of my walls which eventually fell apart because of the damage from black mold. And yes, I did feel more and more symptoms living there as time went on, but, the mold in that part of the wall was hidden, until it wasn’t. Years later I’m now dealing with multiple allergies, (never had any allergies prior), multiple chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia symptoms, headaches, fatigue, symptoms of muscular dystrophy, multiple neurological issues, ummm, yeah so I can go on, but it’s boring! I had to stop working, doing what I love most working with animals. Currently I live on SS which is super limited income which forced my hand in making a move so I could get by financially and guess what??? I now have to move again cause the climate here is making things even worse. I can hardly afford to move again, back from whence I came, but it’s the desert and my only hope if I am going to recover, in which I am quite determined.
So, all you people who are so convinced that mold isn’t toxic to humans…well you can just take a walk in my ruby slippers!

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