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Suzanne in Kanata, On

by krystle

I had water coming in underneath my window in 2017. It happened when we had heavy rain falls and it was hitting the outside wall in the corner of my dining room. A hose was directed on the outside wall (brick wall) and the workers sealed the wall. My floor was all wet so the hardwood floor has to be redone. In 2019 during the winter I noticed that my hardwood floor was black in some areas. therefore it meant more water came underneath the hardwood floor. This happened because the job was not properly done in 2017. We had another bad raining storm a month ago and I could hear the rain falling and the walls underneath the windows were removed to see if it was wet and it was. This has to all be redone again.
I can smell mold but I do not have any side effects on my body. I keep my patio door opened a bit and when it’s too hot I have the a/c on.
The workers will do all the necessary work starting Tuesday to rebuild the wall and make sure water will not come in again. Also other workers will work on the outside but I’m not sure what they will do. Hopefully this problem will not happen again. The floor has to be redone again a second time. Should I buy something to spray that corner to remove that smell or will it go on its own? Thank you.

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