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Jeimy in Rialto, CA

by krystle

Discovered black mold under bathroom sink and decided to clean and let the landlord know. Right away she came and had me turn a fan on to “ventilate” the area. I had a bad feeling about it but since she’s so bossy and she’s the landlord she stressed I had to put the fan on. She had someone else come and clean up the contaminated areas. Ever since that time I’ve had horrible itching at night as well as my family and horrible health problems. She didn’t know spores could fly! I’m so MAD


I haven’t paid the rent because I’ve been so sick and my husband too. I need suggestions on how to handle this. I want to pay half the rent for some time. I feel the mold has spread throughout the house and the whole house needs cleaning /disinfecting and carpets replaced. This needs to be done ASAP. landlord is very cheap so please help with suggestions.

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