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Felicia in Independence, Missouri

Hello my name is Felicia. I am writing you because I believe that where my mother Brenda and my two lovely children and I reside as rental residents is making us ill deathly I’ll due to mold and I am I knowledgeable when it comes to such. We have resided in this house a year now and three out the year the home has gotten a nasty smell that I can’t seem to get rid of and also has threw out this year had numerous plumbing issues including leaking in the basement where the wall were particularly repaired and plumbing that’s backed up multiple times in our basement and a unfinished toilet area in the basement that leaks and the smell is more in the basement but also is begging to effect the smell of our laundry I have now and my son refused to deny the smell also our itchiness and sores in our hair on our skin I have refused to be in public areas specially for any length of time I have been to my destination also the emergency room many times due to itchiness had been treated for scabies which I don’t believe I had cause it never got better. At one point I believed it were causing some type of stringy fungus in our food and which exposed in our stools also my moms ill lack of energy always vomiting and having runny stools in which she can’t control my son is not wanting to eat unless it’s out to eat and dine my daughter tries to retain her popularity by ignoring the issues and try Irs denying them. God please help us heal us and solve our issue hear in this rental house. For some try saying we have just went crazy????!!!!! So we reside in independence Missouri area and my main issue is proving the factor how do I do this so we can turn it into the health department and hopefully regain our health and heal as well as help hopefully gaining some of the money spent medically and financially in generally because I and my mother struggle any ways giving my kids a good school activity social life such as sports due to our income only being social security and disability. So is there a free contractor that could come in our area and test the basement and house to insure us if this issue though not yet treat the home just consult that yes it’s an major housing health hazard so that the health department can help us. Again my name is Felicia pretty please save us with any knowledge I dearly for my mothers sake and my children’s greatly appreciate this information help beyond any beliefs thanks.


Can anyone sincerely pretty please read my story and help my family please I don’t know how to prove this story to our health department in independence Missouri and we’re getting really ill headaches vomiting runny stools and itchy skin please help us felicia my email is or

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