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Jalisa in Connecticut

So I have lived in my apartment for almost two years. For the past seven months I have experienced constant mucus and a cough. Everyday I cough up a brown dark yellowish mucus. I thought it was allergies but allergies don’t last all year. Then my eye started turning red out of no where and then a doctor told me I have allergies to something and prescribe antihistamine. Seemed to work, but in addition to these problems, I also was having stomach issues. Every day I would be in a lot of pain. When I started coughing up the mucus instead of ingesting it, the pain got better but still isn’t normal. In addition to my cough, mucus, red eyes, and stomach problems, I more recently started to began to get headaches, could be the mold of something else, but this is a new symptom. Now let me give you a picture of what my house looks like. There is a leak that leaks every single week and when it does, a LOT of water pours out of the ceiling, like a big bucket full. On top of that the ceiling has a hole about and inch in diameter and the Sheetrock and tape is calling off. I can visibly see black mold on the top of the ceiling and top of walls. My house smells musty and the wall that is attached to the bathroom is so soft I could lightly put a hole in it with my finger. I OBVIOUSLY have a huge mold problem in my house. When I went on vacation this summer, the whole week my symptoms decreased dramatically, about 90% gone. Coincidence? I did a mold test to see if there were mold spores in my house and you wouldn’t believe the amount of mold I saw in the Petri dish. Never sent it out to a lab, but there are definitely mold spores I the air! Worst part is my bedroom is right next to my bathroom and a vent connects the two rooms so I am getting more exposure than I would like. I am saving up to move out, but I probably won’t be able to move for another 3 months realistically. Idk, I just hate being sick and everyone around me thinking I’m crazy for complaining about my symptoms too much but it’s not fun to have bad cold symptoms for almost a year. I am VERY glad I found this website.


Will I be okay if I live in my house for about three months?
How do I know for sure that my next apartment doesn’t have mold in it?
What if my new apartment has mold in it, is there anything I could do legally to save myself.
I also just started my real estate career and I want to make sure my clients are living in a healthy mold free house as well. Any recommendations?
What symptoms should I be worried about if this is where I’m at with my mold sickness?
How do I go about cleansing my body from the fungus?
I want to be as healthy as possible… any advice?
I would love to send you guys mold photos, but unfortunately I just bleached my walls (which I know is bad, I won’t do it again) and I want to wait until the infestation grows back (which unfortunately grows pretty rapidly) can I send photos to you later?

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