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Pauline in Taylor, Michigan

Hi my name is Pauline and I am a renter. I moved in 10 months ago I went away for a week open my door in this ungodly smell about knocked me out that’s when I called my landlord and found out there had been mold in this apartment he never disclosed it he then stated he had taken care of it and then automatically filed at the court to have me evicted well I do have to move but my lease was dropped by the judge but the judge did not want to see any of my documentation that I had to beg borrow for $400 to have my own hair test done it showed many types of mold that are harmful and toxic I was told to leave with only the clothes I have on the judge would not look at any of my documentation I was not awarded in a refund of any of my money I have no money to replace my belongings which were all brand new prior to renting this I have been divorced for the past three years so I had to start over this is a nightmare the judge did not order him to clean anything or addressed the mold I have documentation that the landlord has known since at least 2012 that this mold exist he does not care how many lives he harms I have had my grandbabies in this home he did not even disclose that the apartment has lied which by law he is supposed to. I am at a total loss I was told like I said to leave with just my clothes on nothing else this is ludicrous how this man keeps getting away with this The Last Tenant in 2012 that had the same test that I’ve done almost died and she did lose all her belongings something has to be done the population needs to be aware of these toxic molds humans should not get away with playing God with other people’s lives if there is anybody out there that can help I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to bring this to the awareness of the people we all have the right to life nobody should be able to play God for a dollar and that’s exactly what this man has been doing the judge did void my lease only because I knew the statue in the law he did not award me any refund of my money and gave me 30 days to move he said clean your stuff if not leave it like yeah you don’t have to worry about it it’s not your stuff I bet if it was you wouldn’t have been saying that my grandbabies were in here so I have to worry about my grandbabies with mold toxic molds mini mold and not only mold but also LED my phone wants to spell that wrong so if there is anybody out there willing to help give advice anything I am so willing to hear it I have been searching the web for everything and came across this site I know for a fact that in Wayne Michigan the airport in the towers have mold they are addressing the problem and trying to get rid of it what makes that more important than a human beings house apartment exedra we all matter so please please if you know anything any information a judge no excuse me not a judge a lawyer that is for hire or will take the case on commission or pro bono I have no money I lost my job due to sickness I am just dumbfounded that people can get away with this so if you have any information that can help me please please pass it on I believe my email is on his Pauline J [email protected] any advice would be appreciated I do have a GoFundMe account because I can’t take anything I can’t afford a Restoration company to come and do my thing I have no money due to no job due to illness which now I understand why it attacks your liver your lungs your whole body this is all new to me I have never heard of these kind of molds so I understand what people are going through when it comes to toxic mold this needs to be brought to the Public’s attention more than it is please if you have anything that could help me I would greatly appreciate it God bless you, Pauline.


If you know an attorney that will take the case against this landlord or any kind of help I am open for suggestions and need help thank you so much

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