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Rosalyn in Wentzville

I moved in 2004 and within the first 3 years had water damage because of maintenance hooking up my washer incorrectly. Then there was mold in the furnace room from the furnace leaking which resulted in maintenance tearing part of the wall (baseboard) and supposedly fixing it. Then there was mold in my upstairs laundry room and that wall was torn out and fixed. I started seeing mold in the windows and apartment manager said I was responsible for cleaning it out so I did and was feeling sick at this point. A few years ago the apartment next door flooded(pipe burst) with standing water up to the floorboards. Maintenance fixed this by replacing the downstairs carpet. I asked if they were treating the drywall for mold, they sprayed moldex and spray painted over it. Meanwhile I was getting sicker. I started seeing what I thought was little dirt spots and when it started coming back after I cleaned it, I knew that it was mold.

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