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Trena in Chicago

I discovered mold last year in 2015 in my basement the land lord washed it down just to pass inspection when it rain the basement floods water stands.
The land lord said he would fix it and it went on the gutters roof shingles were in repair i moved in in dec 2014 was told that repairs wud b done by spring spring went by i stated texting land lord again telling him that the roof was leaking n mold was building and rat were stating to eat thr foundation. Landlord said in a text i was the only tenant that complains. I had an inspection and it passed landlord was there during inspection and told inspector it wasnt mold and inspector believed him soon after . I started communicating with landlord telling him that water was leaking from roof he sometimes would not answer his phone or he would rush me off wall blaming buildmanage but he wouldtell property manage not to come do work or do patch work. Tub leaked for 5 months it took him 2months to start work and there was a hole in ceiling for over 2months pipes still leaks 2floor toilet leaks into 1st bather of my residence. I live in a town home. I explain that the leaking gutters will start to mess other things and leaving roof problem will get bigger. The mold has gotten worses its taking over ive bn in and out er and my children have bn to doctor more than usual. The landlord is doing uner minded tricks against me because ive went to housing and the city on him because. At one point housing inspectors was not responding to my emails and calls. Not until going to a meeting in September with house i saw changeand actions happen
Ive bn having headaches chest pains coughing for long periods of time using my asthma pumps more just 2 days ago ive had to get a breathing treatment trying to figure out what my problem in and out doctors office for over a year and er. My doc say mold can b my problem. Ive grown rashes on skin broke out in blister face has broken out badly. Ive bn scedule to do test. Ekg exrays on chest because of my chest pains i need help i have pictures and texts that ive sent and received from landlord. Mecca is owner
Has Kothari is property manager and he hired a manager under him. No matter how much i complain i got no help from landlord. I asked him was he racist. He said i complain to much everytime i patch rat hole they dig an even bigger one. Rat feces and p along with mold is not healthy living. Ive put down rat poison traps and so has the city but the rats keep finding away because the foundations of the house must be ceiled. Since 2014 my health has gotten worse i stay sick fatigued nausiated vomitting constipated diarrhea chest pains heads are back numbness difficulty breathing skin breaking out asthma flaring upcoughing congested weakness spotted visionbump that hurt bad when they grow out help me what am i to do. I have pics videos text emails my health is failing i have no energy and i take vitamins on a daily


How can I get a law suit going?

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