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Michelle in Auburn, WA

For several months my tongue has been swollen up enough that there are teeth indentations in the sides of it because it is really crowded between my teeth. Some times it is so big that I bite it in my sleep, and get painful soars. (The actual swelling doesn’t hurt— only the first time in an auto immune allergic response to pine nuts.) Several bouts with hives inspired me to do an IGE 100 food allergy test. I am highly allergic to yeast. It is in tons and tons of foods, and even develops naturally in whole foods and leftovers. I am super overwhelmed.


If anyone has advice for me please contact me via email at [email protected] and put YEAST in the subject. (because this is my junk email and I don’t check it often and that way I can go in and find it. Thanks so much!!!

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