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Victims in College Park

My family and I live in some apartments in College Park, GA. Upon moving in to our unit we were told they would repair and few things wrong, and the light mold on all the window seals. Here we are a 1 year 4 months and have health illness, eyes red, vomiting, and much more issues regarding health because we need a mold specialist doctor for the kind of mold we have been badly exposed. Landlord refuse to fix a/c unit until 8 months of living in unit. Then still never connected the a/c unit. No screens on windows accept what we begged for. Also lease was paid in advance, and we could never get leaks from busted pipes repaired until months later. We called emergency maintenance line because are home was flooded and it took them 6 to 8 months to replace only padding under rugs. From wet walls, to molded windows, from wet floors, and visible mold is scary for any tenants. This is a health risk and with hair falling out from all members of the home. We have been also evicted after paying rent in advance and still no repairs. Code Enforcement doesn’t handle mold, doesn’t handle indoors, doesn’t have equipment also the state of Georgia doesn’t understand how people can not afford to just up and leave with no place to go. With landlord giving new apartments that we apply bad reference has to also be illegal. We never refused rent or withheld rent. Never late and still no repairs on busted pipes nor visible mold growth and air mold conditions. This is a 88% issue that apartments that have mold will still rent units to families and evict them. No one is fighting for mold concerns in Georgia. We as people do not need the Landlords to get away anymore with mold exposure to our families. Landlords want rent, they get it. But refuse to repair before situations get worse. We do not fight for our rights as a tenant. This is killing people who do not move fast enough because they do not have the funds to just go. Pay for transfer of services, application fees that may get denied because they have to communicate with your present Landlord this is not fair. Paying for movers and trucks. Paying for outside food because the mold travels all bread in home molds in a 24 hours period. This is killing people some do something about it.


Can not show evidence due to law suit

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