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Lesley in Watford London

by krystle

Moved in to a flat that had bad damp and mould in bedroom and bathroom. After living here I became very ill and went from active to bed bound with in a year I had namonia 4 times in a year. It got that I could not move from one room to the next with out a breathing problem. It was sujested to me that it could be mould sporns which I found out it was and I’m 90% sure there in my blood and up my nose I can see something dark coming down from my nose and out my ears. I’ve had the council and environmental health who both made me feel like I was mad and after writing to them felt like they did not take me serious. I spent over four months in hospital this year where I nearly died and the problem has gone from my lungs to my heart. Had no help even my doctors laughed at me and spoke about me like I was seeing things and making it all up. Don’t know where to go or what proof I can get to start legal action I just need a doctor to take me serious and do some tests not to get talked about and laughed at from the people who should be helping me. Can someone help me or point me in the right direction

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Can anyone help or advise me as I’m in a council propert and lost my whole life because of how this has effected me.

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Asif Khan November 20, 2019 - 3:34 am

Hi Lesley,

Really sorry to hear about your problem. I have been facing mold related issues for almost 3 yrs and have changed many places but sadly no-one is as sensitive as i am or can detect/smell mold. There are tests which you can get done in order to get blood tested for myco-toxins (normal blood-testing procedures cannot detect myco-toxins. There are binders which can remove the mold toxins from the fats where they store. Stuff like activated charcoal, chlorella, bentonite clay, calcium d-glucarate, cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic. These help big time and will slowy get ur cody and mind in order. but the main thing is that u remove ur self from exposure or limit it. but first find it out. I’m from East London, and have been living with a mask since May’ 2019. hope this info helps.


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